getting rid of the government

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jim24, Feb 21, 2011.

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  1. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    If we are going to do a Tunisian Governmental change in this country can we please do it the weekend of the 7th of May as OI will be in London for the Cav Mem weekend, just a thought;;;;;
  2. The British public are weak, spinless so and so's. The British public bend over and take anything dished out by our governments. We should take a leaf out of the Frenchs book. The French will riot at the drop of a hat whether it be over fuel prices, or turning their cities to a standstill regardingfarming subsidies or poor public transport.

    British people are whiny bitches.
  3. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Yes you are, aren't you?
  4. Run like fuck upon hearing a German accent?
  5. Hate to say it, Auld-Yin, but he's got a point. In most other countries, governments that treated their people with the same level of contempt and neglect as the British would be swinging from lamp-posts while their parliament burned and their wives/daughters/"secretaries" were used as Comfort Women.

    It's a sad state of affairs when the Egyptians and Libyans show more testicular fortitude than us...
  6. The 7th May would be ideal as it's the Army v Navy rugby match, so for this reason like the Tunisian Army ours won't be interrupting anything that weekend.
  7. Aint goin happen. Who or what would we have in their place.... Lets face it we're not going to replace Dave & Nick with Ed.

    Remarkably Murbarak and Gaddafi might be available for the gig if we feel a dictatorship is the way to go.
  8. Never mind getting rid of the gub, let's try stopping them getting rid of us.
  9. Perhaps getting rid of us is their cunning plan to ensure that when the people rise up we won't be doing what the Egyptian Army did?
  10. RearWords - Aint goin happen. Who or what would we have in their place.... Lets face it we're not going to replace Dave & Nick with Ed.

    Have a military coup. Various units within the Army will square away the country i.e Border patrols by the Infantry, Sappers dealing with Infrastructure and RLC chefs taking over the Little Chefs and so on and so forth.

    Army/Navy weekend would be good. We'll all be pissed up and get up to all sorts of drunken shannanigans. This must happen.
  11. Old Joke:

    Why are French roads lined with trees on both sides? So the German Army can march in the shade!! Boom Boom

    Yes I know - I'll get me coat while you call the taxi
  12. You must be kidding right?

    The public couldn't grow a set when the smoking ban came in. Despite us contributing about 4 times more in tax than we cost the NHS with smoking related illness, we let ourselves be forced outside in the cold to have a bine, getting bitched at by fat cunts who "don't like it blowing in my face".

    Well I don't like fat people costing the earth with their eating habits, taking up two seats on the tube and generally being in my face but is there a ban on fat fucks? No.

    So an uprising by the British Public? Don't make me laugh. We'd rather get shafted and just moan about it in the post office queue :)
  13. Most of the public were very happy with the smoking ban. And some were perhaps impressed that an otherwise useless government had "grown a set" towards the tobacco industry and even the bean counters, being willing to sacrifice money for the general good. Doesn't happen often.
  14. Stopping smokers from smoking indoors doesnt cause a detriment to the tobacco industry because guess what? People will still smoke.
  15. Most of the population of this not so Great britain wouldn't get their fat arrses out of their threadbare comfy seats unless there was something in it for them. Why would they get rid of a goverment that provides them with such a great benefit system?
    No, they'll just complain how shite the country is as they stroll down the road to sign on for another 2 weeks.