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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by suits_U, Feb 11, 2007.

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  1. How do folks,
    Right my Norton Internet security is about to expire.
    So what would you folks recommend to put in its place? I have heard that there are many good things out there and am keen never to use the virus that is Norton ever ever again.
    So what is out there in the world of FREE goodies to make my PC safe and Norton free.
    Cheers for any help :D
  2. The laws of commerce dictate that you get nothing for free. If you pay the relatively small amount for a proper anti-virus subscription you will start to wonder why you've been putting up with cr4p performance for years.

    Norton isn't very good even if you pay for it in my experience. McAfee found loads of viruses on a PC I have that Norton said was clear.

    I can recommend a McAfee subscription.
  3. Nothing for free eh? You're talking bollox. Your McAfee subscription can be got for nada! See my link above.
  4. Drat why must you pish on my fire :D
  5. nice one matelot
  6. I just rode mine into the sea.
  7. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Hi Suits, both these are not bad:




    I would go for Grisoft myself, but you would be better off stumping up for McAfee @ about £30.

    BTW Norton can be a real pain to get rid of depending on the version, but they do provide tools for this on their website, or Google Norton Removal!!
  8. Cheers folks.
    I am a computer biff I know, but will these things do everything that norton does? Will I need anything other than these to keep my PC healthy. If I have to buy something so be it but I just wanted to make sure. Cheers
  9. NOD32 - don't ask questions, just trust me & do it.
  10. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Seconded - absolutely no comparison with any of the competition.

    I'd also mention that AV software is one of the few things that I consider worth paying for - £46 for 3 years piece of mind is money well spent IMHO.
  11. Just downloaded the McAfee programme.

    It is now saying that I have a problem because my firewall is set to open.

    How the fek to I change that?? It doesnt seem to have a otions button to change the strength of it. I'm using the boggo windows one for now.... Grrrr.
  12. I had this problem too

    Go to the McAfee main site

    Go to the help message board - it tells you about successful fixes for common problems

    Download the applet which removes Norton completely - it is usually a link that you click on and it runs automatically - don't be scared by the lines of script that appear

    Et voila

    Conversely - go to the Norton main site and go through the same procedure

    (You can also do this to remove previous bits of McAfee that lurk around destroying your updates)
  13. Do you the link please?
  14. GOOGLE IT!!