Getting reductions in your CSA amount

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by brettarider, May 11, 2009.

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  1. Can anyone tell me what I can claim for to reduce my monthly bill from the CSA as I never get the same answer twice from whomever I speak to and to be frank they are worse than useless and I don't think 1/2 of them even know what they are talking about.

    My case has been sitting for assessment since Jan 09 due to a computer error they know have to do this manually. However they sat on it for 2 months only passing it over to the manual assessment team in March. I am now told my case could take anything between 12-20 weeks to resolve.

    My situation is this currently earn 25k a year this would put me at £240 per month on the normal scale however. I have asked for the following to be taken into account.

    I have been given a company car it is a tool of the job and I cannot do my role without it I dont get a choice in what I drive and it's a 1300cc so not a flash car. Tax wise it's around the £50 mark monthly

    2x insurance policies for pet insurance 1 was in joint names the other in the Ex's I've now had to take these on as I would not be able to afford the vet bills she dumped the dogs on me after taking them when we split both polices are £18/£22 a month due to their ages.

    When we sold the house the other month there was not enough to cover the mortgage and a loan secured against the house in joint names I had to pay approx £7k to clear all outstanding monies against the house.

    £800 for damp proof course which had to be done before sale would go through Ex refused to pay so I had to foot the bill.

    As Ex will not meet me half way to see my kid it will cost at the moment £40 for a round trip to see her.

    I've been told that I can submit these above for a reduction in the amount I have to pay and sent them the paperwork which they have acknowledged they have. I've now been told that none of this will be taken into account whatsoever and was even told that it's my choice to have a car etc and the amount of £240 will still stand. This is totally different to what was told to me by another of the call center staff. none of whom work in the case assessment team.

    My daughter was born after 2003 and the CSA got involved in Aug/Sept by the Ex who decided to back track on her word and deny that I was paying for my daughter
    even though I was paying £650 a month for her and my share of mortgage costs until the house sold.

    I am not trying to look for ways out of paying maintenance but I'm not going to be shafted either on bum information from the CSA I can't sort out my life until this is sorted and the longer these clowns leave it the further in arrears I'll end up due to their incompetence.
  2. The way I have understood it is that you will be assessed on your disposable income; which consists of your pay after tax and NI. For 1 child it will be 15% of this amount. You can seek a variation as it seems you have done. The details of what you can claim for are listed on the CSA site. I'm not too clued up on the home or pet element to your query but you can claim for the travel costs. However it seems ridiculous as I will explain.

    You don't say how often you see your daughter but if you saw her twice a month that would be £80. You currently say you pay £240 but I can't be bothered with the maths so for illustrative purposes sake lets say you earn £1000 p/month after tax and NI. This would mean you pay £150 at 15%. If you were to put in for a variation you would have the £40 taken from your disposable income. This would mean you pay £138 (15% of £920). Hardly worth it!

    Sorry if you already know this and I have pitched my response at the wrong level!
  3. No mate all advice welcome and to be fair after the way the Ex has gone about it the money will be better in my pocket
  4. Sorry to hear about your woes.

    The chance of the CSA taking anything into account other than tax, national insurance and your pension payments is virtually nil I am afraid to say in my experience.

    I havent checked the recent rules not even before replying to you because they are a pain in the arse to get your head around quickly because they have changed them so often (quite simply because the whole system is useless and does not work)

    Costs of car, dog insurance etc is a definate no chance, I am afraid.

    if your child(ren) stay overnight with you, you qualify for a 1/7 th reduction per night that the child stays overnight with you on a regular weekly basis. That may be an avenue to explore if it applies to you.

    I hope that helps.

    If I have not made myself fully clear, repost or e mail me here.
  5. My bold

    True and about the only way I could get any variation.

    Be aware though if you 'average' between 1 and 52 NIGHTS with your child at your house you will get no reduction, between 53 and 104 nights you will then get a 1/7 th reduction. Pain in the arrse but that's what they did to me.

    The average is worked out across a minimum of 2 months.

    Be aware though that you can up the visit level over that period to get a bigger reduction but don't forget she can get a re-assessment at any time and if you have a couple of 'quiet' months she can have the money re-instated.

    Mine has recently moved to a greater distance from home and a return trip has added a cost of £80 over a weekend. The only way to recover some of this cost was to go to court, she now has to meet me halfway or fund the difference for my travel. This does depend if you have joint responsibility from the divorce proceedings.

    She also tried to stop me seeing the kids and the CSA were not interested and insisted that I pay when I could not see them, again another issue that went to court.

    Eventually, after 5 years from divorce she is being a little more civil but ocassionaly awkward.

    Should have seen the writing on the wall, red headed and Southern Irish.

    Any way Good Luck and hope it all works out well for you.