Getting power of attorney arranged when you are out the country

Excuse my lack of legal knowledge

Basic issue is I'm in the process of putting an offer in on a property in the UK unfortunately its gonna have to be a 28 days turnover to exchange contracts....I'm out of the country for at least 2 months

Is it possible to appoint someone to sign all my shit for me etc

how would you go about it
Go and see a solicitor. They will act on your behalf and can hold any monies until contracts are exchanged.

I'm not sure they can sign the contract on your behalf, but I'm sure they've dealt with similar situations to yours.

First half hour is usually free when talking to a solicitor.
Unfortunately I'm out of the
I'll do everything, take care of it all I will. Just fax me all your bank account details especially the pin ~ will you courier the card or second class parcel post?
Email a solicitor. Sometimes a conveyancing agent is cheaper and more efficient than a solicitor so look at those too. You need quotes for services to be rendered AND FEE'S associated with the purchase.

Then you will definately need to give someone a power of attorney. This will involve you sining something in front of someone who can witness your signature......normally a notary public, judge, consul or similar.

In our case we don't trust knobs to sign on our behalf and we get the paperwork DHL'ed overnight or 24 hours. Lets face it if they want to sell they will be willing to wait a few extra days whilst your signature is obtained.
As above, all of the above. Got a relation, brother,sister or similar that you trust?
You will need to sign a document giving that person the power of attorney, to be sent back to the UK, but whatever country you are signing it in, it (that document) will have to be notarised (authenticated) by a brief locally.
Just see a brief locally wherever you are currently, basically all they are doing is authenticating that your signature is yours on that document that will be sent back to the UK giving that power.
Hope that makes sense...................
As others have said, you could set up a Power of Attorney for someone you trust, but you do loose control. I wouldn't want anyone signing contracts on my behalf without me seeing them and, if there is anything you don't understand, questioning your conveyancer.

You could limit the Power of Attorney so that the nominated signer can only act on your express permission (say by email). A rigmarole though, especially as you are away. Why not get the contracts emailed to you, print them off, sign and return by courier?
Look at whether you can sign a limited power of attorney so that it covers only the property transaction or at worst, has a date limitation. Do not sign an enduring power of attorney - that is one that lasts beyond any mental incapacity on your part that may occur in the future. They may not be possible where you live but if they are, be aware that they can have disastrous consequences.

In a past "life" I worked as a lawyer for about 10 years and was involved in drafting some powers of attorney. I also became aware of some horrendous stories of where someone had got their parents power of attorney and basically transferred the lot to their own account completely cutting out a brother and a sibling. It was an enduring power of attorney, something that has only been allowed where I live in the past 20 years or so. The parents by the time the complete transfer had been made were in nursing homes and beyond any mental state to intervene. There was nothing I could do to recover anything for my client.

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