Getting posted - whats the wording...

Discussion in 'Officers' started by The_Swede, Dec 7, 2005.

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  1. ... of the letter to the CO of my new posting?

    I have the honour to...?

    And what does the rest of the letter contain. This isn't in JSP 101.
  2. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator


    Reporting for Duty

    1. I have the honour to report that I have been posted to join the 1st Battalion, the Amalgamees (Blankshire and Loamshire). I will be reporting for duty on 25th December 2005.

    2. I am a fücking top bloke and all the lads think I'm great, and any female officers around better watch out, because I'm hung like a rhinocerous and I'm not afraid to use it.

    I am, Sir,
    Your obedient servant,

    M Jackson
  3. Many thanks!
  4. Servant should have a capital 'S'.
  5. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Good point well brought out. That's why I'm never going to be CDS!
  6. C Punk wrote:


    I have the honour to be,
    Your obedient Servant

    Mind you the new JSP 101 has got rid of the differentiation between routine and DO letters in the interest of jointery (and because the Crabs couldn't cope with more than 1 type) so not sure if the formal letter exists any more. I may be bored (and boring!) but not so much that I can be bothered to open up e-DW to check...
  7. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    What a great site! Laughter, tears, gossip... and now red ink corrections :lol:

    Actually, low average for both Queensman and Plume for failing to spot that I'd also misspelled 'rhinoceros'.
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  8. Well done that man Plume!

    If my memory serves me correctly, something in the manner of Mr Ploppy's small nagging doubt makes me think that one shouldn't have a comma after the 'Sir' in the salutation.
  9. Unfortunately, the SD Nazi in me says there is a comma after "Sir" in the valediction and the salutation.

    Having clubbed the SD Nazi to death I am of the firm opinion that as long as it gets the message across, I only care that it's spelled correctly and grammatically sound.

    (edit - some b*stard is now going to tell me it's "spelt".....)
  10. ...and I always like to receive a simple DO letter accompanying the more formal letter. This DO can be much more informative and if one knows the recipient it can be witty as well. Sending both shows that one is not only an officer but also a gentleman.

  11. Sir,

    Reporting for Duty

    1. I have the ball-ache to inform you that I have received orders to join that shower of sh1t you haphazardly call a "Battallion", namely the 1st Foot and Mouth (Shovellers of Sh1t). I shall announce my presence in the bar when I can be bothered to show up.

    2. I'm a top bloke, but even I have my limits. Expecting me to turn around years of instituional mis-management under your glorious leadership when I can barely motivate myself to scratch my arrse is going to be a tall order. I may just opt to shag your daughter instead.

    3. Some cnut in Glasgow clearly has a warped sense of humour!

    I remain Sir,

    Your indifferent servant,


  12. Actually SD went out some years ago it is now DW - so you should have said ...the DW Nazi...


    Von Ribbontrop

    Actually I think emails will be the undoing of much nugatory DW work allowing us, quite rightly, to concentrate on the message. The only area where I think there should be tight controls is in the use of abbreviations, they are breeding so rapidly I can't keep up.

    I was reading some stuff the other day that kept on mentioning ERV; that took me back, but I couldn't work out what an Emergency Rendevous had to do with the subject until someone pointed out that it meant 'Euphrates River Valley'. Whatever happened to spelling it out in full the first time you use it?
  13. Forgive me for barging into your Mess gents, but should Reporting for duty not all be in upper case ? If not I'll take myself back to the WOs' & Sgts' Mess where I belong :roll:
  14. Just had a flick through my Sandhurst blue and I believe you are right, top bombing. Just writing mine now. Like the idea of the DO letter to accompany the formal one - shall give it a go... :?
  15. Well, that's novel (he said doffing his cap), a perspective from the 'other side'. :)

    While we're on the subject, can anyone spell 'supercallafradgilisticexpiallidocious' correctly? I am having a 'discussion' at work, and this seems the ideal place, being filled full of SD Nazi Nutcases...... :wink: