Getting over a mid-life crisis

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by angular, Nov 16, 2011.

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  1. How did you get over your midlife crisis? I can feel mine approaching, lots of vague thoughts about what have I really achieved, why can't I run as fast as I used to, that kind of stuff.

    The default choice round here seems to be to buy a big Harley and let the wife deal with it, but I hate motorbikes. Any useful suggestions?
  2. Something big with an engine. I bought a Bedford but if you've Gray hair and a ponytail try a sports car.
  3. Still going through mine :|
  4. I bought a saxaphone!
  5. row across the channel in a bath !
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  6. A mid life crisis is a luxury for those who have too much money, and too much time on their hands.
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  7. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    I had mine at 19 on a bsa bantam in the wet
  8. Er.... Russian wife a lot younger than me.

    Unhealthy expertise at playing Call of Duty MW3 on "veteran"....

    Started going up to the Brecons at the weekend to do some of the routes marked on my old collection of fablon'd maps...

    Looking at emigration options...

    Offloading material possessions (Had an FJR1300, but then did a risk assessment and gave up motorcycling.)
  9. Why is it called a mid life ******* crises ??? what if you die tommorrow,.... then it would have been and end of life crises.

    I get all nostalgic over when I was a kid.. nothing to do with big motors or trying to appear young.
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  10. Dieing at any age is an end of life crisis.
    As far as crisises go they dont get much bigger and it is by definition and end of life.
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  11. Been there when I reached forty. Chill out and start looking after yourself. Drink less, try and cut your stress levels right down, enjoy what you have and do keep an eye on yourself. If you think you are not coping, don't hesitate to get some advice from your doctor.
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  12. Been there, done that. Bin the wife, get a new chic 16 years younger than you, get a fast bike and live it up - until the divorce bill comes through and the claims on your pension - that kind of puts a downer on the whole thing.
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  13. Binned the wife, blew my leg off, bought a sports car, bought a trike, moved to Shetland, bought a boat.

    *You might want to miss out some of the options I chose.
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  14. Fair point, never really fancied a trike.