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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Oh_Mama_2hot_2Spicy, Sep 15, 2008.

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  1. Dear Arrse,

    Please help me, I am currently serving in the bleak north in a posting I am deeply unhappy with and did not ask for. I am due to marry in the new year with my future wife currently in the south and unable to move due to her work commintments.

    I have asked the CoC at my old posting before moving up north to have my posting order changed and have again gone through the CoC at my new posting to request a change. On both occasions I have been told that there is no chance of a move closer to my other half. We are currently just under 325 milies apart which is costing me a fortune in fuel, GYH pay helps.

    I have since submitted my Notice and am due out in Aug/Sep 09. I am now on the brink of being offered a couple of jobs with two companies sending out provisional offers to me. The Bn CO has since issued a directive that he is unwilling to release anyone early and that only the most extreme circumstances will even be considered.

    Once I have recieved these offers, I will test how strong the COs directive is but would like to know what steps to take should this be rejected?

    I have sought legal advice and the old barrack room myth about threatining the European courts is just that a myth.

    So apart from a strong letter to the CO and crossing my fingers what can I do?
  2. If you are the only one at your rank/role/trade in a unit or sub unit and the post will be gapped, if he (CO) lets you go early then the answer to this is a simple NO brainer (No being the operative word).

    If you provide a service to him or his soldiers then it is unlikely you will be allowed. MCM do not have to even look for a replacement until your official discharge date unless the unit is going on Ops.

    Sucks - I know, been there at the end of my 22.
  3. You have given 12 month's notice as required and are due out in a year's time. You can take your resettlement over the next year and arrive at the exit door in good order. Other than that, absolutely nothing.

    You could try playing the welfare card, writing the strong letter etc, but my guess is that you would just put everybody's backs up!

    Easier to soldier on, plan carefully, execute in due course and leave in good order.

  4. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Get used to living in the real world?

    Why should the rest of your mates cover for you because you want to bang out early?
  5. An interesting reaction..... :D

    Was it something I wrote? :twisted:

  6. Has anyone got a good example of a letter to their CO requesting early release from the Army?

    Been offered my the ideal job in ideal location, just need to make sure I get the request right to give it the best chance of sucess.
  7. I know of one or two blokes who had jobs lined up and ended up getting civilian solicitors to draft letters to their OC's/CO's.

    It worked.
  8. To whom it may concern

    2667890 pte civvy has been offered employment by forkwit technologies. Please arrange the release of aforementioned soldier at the earliest opportunity.

    Pte Civvy

    Short sweet and to the point, will get a yes or no answer and at least he knows where you are coming from.
  9. Just remember that you are asking to be released from a contract. We all know our terms of service and we all know that it takes a year to get out.

    Your best bet is to staff any letter through your OC first before writing straight to the CO, that's what the CoC is there for and people don't normally appreciate levels being cut out.

    OR you could just man up, marry the bint and live happily ever after in a nice, cheap quarter. After all civvy street doesn't look the place to be right now!! :wink: