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Apologies if this subject has been done to death, but I have a bit of a dilemma and could do with a few words of wisdom, hopefully.

Having given it my best shot I have decided to call it a day (for family reasons). What is the official procedure about getting out?

I was hoping to be mature and flexible about this, but my CO is taking it personally and seems convinced that I will be changing my mind - all I need is time. He is insistant that I stay on for a full year although I am not serving under common terms of service.

Unfortunately, during this 'time', every conceivable obstacle seems to have so far been placed in my way. Life has become very difficult. Coercion is a word that springs to mind. All this is supposed to make me want to stay.

I have no support in this from anyone in my unit, so my questions are:

1. Should I PVR or simply resign my commission?

2. Is the one year notice period valid?

3. Do I need a civvy solicitor? If so, anybody know one?

4. Is the UK military covered by the convention of European human rights?

The question of the one year period of notice is a thorny one. As I understand it, under European Law, you are only liable to work a standard period of one month's notice. If you are so desperate to get out, then you should consult a solicitor as they will be able to give you chapter and verse on the legal process.
Read AGAI 38, fill in the Annex an submit it to the CoC. The Army Retirements Board can insist that you serve for 7 months but if you have a compelling case you can sometimes leave earlier.
How long have you been in?

Make sure you explore your options carefully.... I have a great SPS Sgt to thank for pointing out that if I stayed an extra 2 months - I picked up 11k tax free :).

Don't rush into Civ Div - but don't be afraid of it either. It's good fun!

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