Getting out of military contract.

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by doneone, Jan 27, 2013.

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  1. Hello,

    I am an ex-soldier. I left By Right Having Given the appropriate notice. My conduct was exemplary. I left in 2003. I now wish to be relieved of my further contractual obligations to the Crown and was hoping that someone here would be able to direct me to the correct process or at least to whom I should address my desire.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I think you only do 6 years on the reserve so you should be well in the clear.
  3. Have they been in touch since then and asked you to go back out to play?
  4. Just keep your head down. The likelihood of Glasgow sending you a note asking for your participation in any expeditionary warfare operations in support of our international partners is slim to none.
  5. Wah shield up.

    Yes, you should be clear of reserve list by now ( see your leaving paperwork) if they send you anything simply scrawl, in your best crayon, not known at this address on the front and send back!
    Wah shield down!

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  6. Thanks to everyone for their replies. The contract is for 22 years. Obviously I have served more than the 3 years 3 months that is required of a Regular contract (at my time of joining). I have spent the time on the Reserve list. Although I am now off the Reserve list I am not officially free from ALL obligations until December 2019. Although I agree that there is little chance of my being called up for "humanitarian" causes or otherwise, I do not want to have a contract with the British Army that obligates me in anyway AT ALL. Complete freedom from all contractual obligations is the aim. Not a 'just ignore it' kind of attitude. I am legally obligated and I want that to STOP.

    Thanks again for your comments.
  7. Well you can't. Also it isn't a contract but terms of service that you signed up to. Don't worry about it. If, in the unlikely even they do call you up, you have plenty of options:ignore; smoke a spiff or do other drugs; take it to court. Even if all that failed, you wouldn't spend long in as your compatriots would probably push you over the top first and use you a bullet catcher.

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  8. Diddums. No one forced you take the Oath, you signed on the line. So head down, arrse up only 6years and 10 months to push under this yoke you've imagined for yourself.
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  9. I was under the impression you owed on the reserves until your 12 year point. You couldn't sign up for 22, either 3 6 or 9, then extend. The rules do get changed every now and again, but you stick to the rules in force when you joined, unless you prefer the new terms
  10. Here's an idea; write to Glasgow and ask them to write back confirming your position.
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  11. Boohoo wibble warrrrh sniffle don't like it mummy the bad man poop

    That just about covers it.
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  12. And give Glasgow an up to date address???
    Talk about putting your head over the parapet.
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  13. You could always offer to give back the pay you took for those 3 yrs and 3 mths. Although having a whiney attitude like yours they probably wouldn't want you, anyway.
    I guess the only way you'd get called up is if WW3 breaks out and general mobilisation and conscription is announced in which case wait for your number to come up.
  14. Do you know, I hadn't considered that? :)
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