Getting out of gym membership contracts.

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by venom, Sep 8, 2009.

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  1. Any help on the above?

    I am aware that it is in fact akin to a credit agreement.

    Short of dying is there another way of getting out?

    I'm with Virgin Active, the gym's dirty, the music is two years old and there is not enough quality eye candy to warrant £40 a month.

    Besides I'd rather spend my money on a much more construtive passtime.

    i.e. my local pub
  2. I cancelled my direct debit for my 3 year membership to a different brand after 12 months and not hear nothing since.
  3. @ V

    You will be grand mate I was exactly the same with Fitness First. Machines were broke, often the Jacuzzi was broke and the locker room was a haven of disease. I cancelled the DD with my bank. I got a snot o gram from the Head Office. I went round to the Gym and verbally beat up the manager and told him what a croc of schit it was. I covered myself by then writing to the gym and the head office saying that I had cancelled it due to broken kit and the place was gopping. I threatened to go to trading standards and public health.

    I got a letter from the Head Office about 4 days later saying on this occasion they were going to allow me to terminate my 'contract'.

    With the auld credit crunch and declining memberships to gyms they will use bully boy tactics to try and hold on to your monthly DD.

    Make sure you complain in writing though mate.

    If I can find it I will PM you the snot-o-gram that I wrote if you want it.
  4. I would appreciate that mate thanks.

    I'm a bit loathe to go down the route of just cancelling the DD, apparently it's just like breaking a credit agreement and could end up being sent to a debt recovery agency....
  5. You're paying for a service that you're not happy with and is less than what you expected to be provided with when you signed up to the deal... Bla bla bla!
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    You have signed an agreement to pay a set amount of money for a set time, in exchange for which they will provide certain services (ie the gym).

    If you just cancel the dd or walk away, they will have every right to pursue you for the amount outstanding for the agreement. As times get tighter, companies are actually keener to chase up debtors because it is harder to source new business to replace it with. You run the risk of your debt being sold on to a commercial debt collection agency who will hound you to the ends of the Earth, adding 100% compound interest each day! That way the baliffs await - if you don't believe me, they will do it for missed parking fines so why not for a few years of fees at 480 per year?

    If their service is poor (and lack of suitable skirt or music not to your taste doesn't count), then you may be able to avoid the contract due to "failure to fulfil" on their part.

    To do this, you need to prove that they are not doing their side of the bargain. Keep a log of when equipment is broken or unclean, and make sure you complain to the manager and get it logged in the complaints/comments procedure at that time. It will not take long to build up a pattern of poor performance, which will then form sufficiend grounds for you to inform their head office, in writing, that they are in breach of their contractual obligation to provide a functioning, clean, gym, and as such you deem the contract cancelled due to failure to fulfil. A warning letter before this, telling them that they are not providing a satisfactory service, and how you want to see it improved (with a timeframe) will add credibility to your argument (rather that you just appearing to be using it to get out of a credit agreement).

    Good luck.
  7. My other half works as the cash and banking manager for one of the counrty's leading gyms (not mentioned here), and she can confirm that a debt recovery agency do in fact handle any cancellation or non payment of DD.

    Her advice is to speak with the regional manager (get contact details from Gym - they'll probably try and fob you off with manager), and take it up with them.

    Or try calling their customer service number - but that's a bit of a lottery.
  8. Seen the lower add?
  9. 1. Cancel DD
    2. Wait for letter of outrage etc
    3. Return to them with note saying said individual abroad, and ask the to try OP HERRICK, BFPO........
  10. Sorry, I'm completely baffled by this.

    As a member of the gym, you are of course fully entitled to attend the gym.

    If the management of the gym do not wish to let you end your membership on terms agreeable to you, then I can't see what is to stop you going along to the gym and shouting your dissatisfaction, loudly and repeatedly, and getting a lot more members than just you to ditch the place.

    As Hunter S Thompson said, I hate to recommend violence and shouting to anyone, but they've always worked for me.

    All the best,

  11. Tell reception you are metally ill....then ask where the free weights are. Should get you banned.
  12. I once worked in a gym where we had an odd guy. He once backflipped through the gym, and another time he was caught wanking in the free weights room ( he needed to release before he could lift to his ability apparently). Another time he came in dressed in a short velvet jacket with a plastic shoe and was wearing a pair of star shaped glasses with one of the lenses missing, he then started doing the splits while stroking the shoe.

    There was not a lot we could do as we feared that he might burn down the gym in revenge if we did ban him. We just tried to be friendly to him and that meant that he did at least listen to me the time I told him to stop doing backflips.
  13. None of the above are grounds for trying to wriggle out of a credit agreement, stop being such a wanker.
  14. I am actually crying with laughter here.!!!!!!!!!!!!!1