"Getting out" - Extremely unhappy soldier

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by BristolLad, Dec 12, 2012.

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  1. Hi all, not sure if I've posted within the right section but this is on behalf of my mate.

    Basically he's having a really hard time at his unit, i don't want to give out any details as he fears if anyone finds out then it's gonna come back on him. Ever since he rocked up he's been subject to bullying, which resulted in 4 AGAI's (within a year) 3 of which are absolute nonsense, handed out within an hour. And the RSM seems to be abusing the AGAI system. Personally i fear this might be possible racism, he isn't white, but is English.

    He's actually a fairly quiet lad, real good bloke. So its a shame to see him upset. He's supposed to be posted soon, but due to legal trouble outside of work that has now been postponed. He did visit the padre because i told him too, which couldn't and didn't help, and actually got him in more trouble when the badge found out.

    I know during training after your DAOR date closes, you can still get out through the unhappy soldier route which is a nuisance, is this the same within unit?? He wishes to end his army career but he still has around 11 months on the cards before he can hand in his chit. And now he fears seeing welfare or RCMO because it will PROBABLY result in another bullsh*t AGAI which they'll label some sort of discipline problem.

    Can anyone shed some light please? Thank you for reading.

  2. Race card played, stand by.

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  3. My mate Dave says you smell funny.
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  4. Yep that is indeed MY opinion as there's shed loads of it thrown about within all services, everyday. Most of it as banter and accepted although not all of it is banter, is it.

    Roger. "Stand by for ridiculing"
  5. It's tom ford. Daves a gimp.
  6. What "legal trouble outside of work" are you refering to?
  7. The last time I heard someone try throw the race card was in my LAD when one of the craftsmen declared to our sergeant "It's cause I'm black isn't it?" To which the response "No it's because you're a ****, now **** off and do it." was given. I chuckled.
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  8. If he honestly feels he's being bullied then why hasn't he approached any of the official channels available? There are various help lines advertised in places like Soldier which are outside of the CoC and if it's really that bad then he could always go to the complaints commissioner.

    A quick search for british army bullying turned up JSP 763 and the Amrys LGBT website http://www.proud2serve.net/images/downloads/1043_20101208-JSP763_%20Dec_10_Reissue-final-U.pdf
  9. If he feels it's an E&D issue, then as Crow bag has pointed out, tell your friend to go through the army E&D system which is actually very good. His first port of call should be putting his feet in one of his units EDAs in tray which will start the ball rolling. As a unit EDA myself, I know the system is good and it works.
  10. Whatever! Get me a brew, and bull my boots or you'll get another kicking.
  11. Thank you for the reply crow_bag & buggrit, i'll pass this on just now. I think the result of the padre not helping has put him off as he's been agai'd for that too! But i'll make sure he does this.

    He hasn't claimed it racism or even suggested it, that was indeed ME suggesting that perhaps it just is. As he isn't a c*nt and he has and is turning up the to the work parades as given, and hasn't fought against it.

    The legal trouble is a simple drunk and disorderly, basically back chatting police when he felt they were being unfair. He's due to appear in court next month and his posting was supposed to be a few days after the court date. He was holding on until he got posted which would of solved all of this unhappiness, but now its not happening and he's being kept in his original unit.
  12. After the badge vowed to make his time hell at the unit, handing out AGAI's like they are Christmas presents, i think he's handling it very well by attending the work parades even though he knows he isn't in the wrong
  13. If he gobbed off to the police how do you know he has not being gobbing off at other times?
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  14. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    I know one or two 'really good blokes' who are generally quiet and in any other walk of life could be great employees and easy to get on with. But it's their Service that constantly lets them down - being unable to grasp the idea of turning the iron on before using it... turning up to parades late or with the wrong kit - these decent guys really are military clusterfucks and just not suited to Army life.

    What I'm getting at is that your mate sounds like he's not cut out to get along in green; not everybody is. And it sounds like his mind is made up to jump ship which is the first step. Unfortunately for him, it sounds like (fair or unfair) he's now got a bad 'rep' which means the slightest glitch in his conduct will set the tilt-switches off. If he's the good bloke you say he is, what you and his other buds now need to do is pull together and look after the guy best you can - i.e. good old fashioned buddy-buddy checking his dress before you get on parade, making sure he's never late - all the good team stuff they teach you in your early days. Keep his spirits up by reminding him however long he's got left will go quicker if he keeps his nose clean and tries to enjoy life for what it is. Ignore all the other bullshit - that's just taking the rough with the smooth. It's all a big game, and he needs to play it now more than ever.

    One last thing - be very careful with making official complaints. What you need are indisputable facts that cannot be swept under the rug. If you have those - then tell him to get out a fresh bottle of moral courage and take the bastards on and hit them with the justice they deserve. If that is the case, then he will need his muckers more than ever.

    I hope it works out for him.
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  15. Light news day at the Grauniad today then ?