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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by darcy_vu_qua, May 19, 2010.

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  1. i have served 10 years now and deploying to afghan next week the thing is i am at the end of a 2 way path.
    as of late theres nothing more i can think would be better for me than to double click on jpa!

    the thing is do the army try to retain you these days and offer you bullshit to stay in!

    and how easy is it for your application to terminate to be approved.

    i know it aint the right climate to get out and all that i have not thought about anything else but when you aint happy you aint happy!!
  2. If you terminate now, dont expect to withdraw it later. Why go at the ten year point??
  3. I did....why not? Why go for the 12 and become a pension slave?

    Why not get out and start a new career 2 years earlier, rather than wait?
  4. what if i stay in until my 12 i will get a ten grand resettlement grant is this to spend as you please or is it strictly for courses
  5. £10000? You'll get £574 mate. You will however get a half pension which is about £8500.
  6. The grant is not your half pension.

    The money you receive is a resettlement grant if you have served over 12 years and is yours to do with as you wish. Think of it as a golden goodbye, cheers for the effort fella grant.

    Confusingly though this is nothing to do with the Individual Resettlement Training Grant which is still £534 as stated and has to be used towards resettlement activities.
  7. cheers fat boy i may as well push out another year before sacking it then!!
  8. Yes it's a lump sum. You'll also receive a half pension when you're 65? (not sure of the age for you on the 05 scheme as I'm on the AFPS 75. Are you eligible for ELC? If so, start using them mate to subsidise / boost the paltry resettlement grant.
  9. It is actually referred to as a resettlement grant and is around the £9000 mark. Qualify if 12 years reckonable service if on AFPS75 or 12 years actual service if on AFPS05 and it's up to you how you spend it.
    All depends on what you want to do in civvy street. Can you make that differance up in 2 yrs civilian employment? Are you actually bothered about it enough to wait? I'm sure it's now possible to sign off and be out as soon as you can de-kit and book out now mate. But like above post says, once you click on terminate it is highly likely any attempt to withdraw it will be blocked.
  10. Good advice there mate, if you are thinking of sacking it, get your plan in to action now and get those ELC's working for you while your not eligible for the tax on them.

    I work for a resettlement company now and it amazes me the amount of people who leave it to the last couple of months to plan their resettlement activities.
  11. If you go down this route you give up all entitlement to resettlement and termination leave. You would also have to pay back any financial incentives received, if upon leaving you had served less than the stated term.
  12. I too am at this point of no return, have been on and off over the last year but lately some of the ***** I have to answer to are quickly making up my mind.

    Have done over 12 years which is a bonus I guess.
  13. Can anyone give me a heads up with ELC's, how do I know if I have got them etc?

    If you give your NTT is all this stuff explained to you?

    Forgive my noobness :oops:
  14. Speak to your RCMO. This is what he or she gets paid to do.