Getting Out and Ongoing Dental Treatment

Hi Everyone

I am having ongoing dental orthadontic/restorative treatment. Hopefully it will all be complete within a few months.

However, due to a change in circumstances, I may be discharged from the Army within a couple of months.

Where do I stand with the dental treatment? Do they have to complete it now they have started (and almost finished!)

Or would I leave without the work being finished?

Any advice or help would be much appriciated
Exactly what I was thinking!

A few people at work have said that you cant be discharged unless you are dentally fit - any truth in that?

I am currently on maternity leave. I really dont want to go back for personal reasons and a change in circumstances. I do have the right to leave and would treated as a PVR. I still get ressettlement and terminal leave.

I just dont know where I stand with my dental treatment
Woah Buddy! You can be discharged whilst dentally "unfit" no problem at all.

The Orthodontic treatment is a classic problem that we (RADC) types face all the time. Your dentists will be reluctant to further your treatment if he/she is not going to finish it! Civilian Private/NHS practices may not take you on as they didn't start the treatment either.

My advice is (in order of preference: stay in and get it done for free - it is a perk of being in the Army after all. get the minimum done before you get out and risk not being taken on in civvy practice. That way you are not left with train tracks that you cannot remove/adjust etc
3.get all you can out of the Army but risk being stuck with train tracks that you cannt remove/adjust etc

You need to chat with you Dental Officer - he might be able to write you a referral to an orthodontic clinic near where you will live in 1 (UK) Civ Div.

Hope that helps.

I am out now. However, the orthadontist has agreed to finish my treatment as I am almost done. I only had braces on to get the teeth in place for some restorative work.

I am getting the impresion its being rushed now and I have not got the result as I would have if I stayed in though.

Hey hoy. It doesnt look bad, so I guess I am lucky!

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