Getting out after the 12 year point

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by smoojalooge, Jun 24, 2009.

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  1. I have been seriously considering getting out at my 12 year point, however now at 10 1/2 years I have been given a dream job which makes me want to stay at least to see this posting out.

    What I am trying to find out is how getting out at say the 13 or 14 year point affects my pension and gratitutity payments on leaving.

    Any advice or resources appreciated
  2. Just look at the pension calculator. it give you a rough idea.
  3. You still get the same 12 year money, but a slightly larger pension at the age of 60/65 to reflect the extra service.

    Beware though - once past the 12 year point you can almost taste the 22 year immediate pension. It makes it that little bit more difficult to jump ship. The dreaded 'pension trap'!!!!
  4. Why would you want to get out during a ressession? No jobs, poor money, higher hosusung costs etc.

  5. I agree with both Mutineer and smoojalooge,

    I got out at my 12 point as I saw it as a 'make or break' point. If you dont get out then, you're in for the duration. The way I saw it was at 13 years yet more gratitutity and an extra year on your pension, you then think "only a few more years till my LSGC at 15, ill wait till then", you get this and then "well I might as well wait till my 22 now!

    If you're happy and you've got the chance of a dream job, why leave! One of the main reasons why I left as my wife couldn't handle the separation (I was away about 6-8 months each year). I left for a great job, but was recently made redundant, so my advice is stay in, do you're dream job and then think about it, hopefully by then civvie street will be out of the recession.
  6. I got out at my 12 yr point mainly as I felt it would be easier to retrain get a decent job and career sorted whilst I was 30 rather than 40, believe it or not that 10 years is a massive difference in the job market if you are a newbie which EVERYONE is when they leave.

    However I got out in Dec 99 when we were in a bit of a boom, if I stayed till my 22 then I would be getting out in Oct, so I guess I would be panicking, for me its a good decision, not sure what I would do if I was 12 yrs in now. My advice is if the dream job is about stick it for the next few yrs and see how the market it. There are still lots of jobs about, but only in certain sectors its not all doom and gloom.

    As for LS&GC, well that's the clever thing about when they moved it from 17 to 15 yrs, its an awful hard thing to do to give up on a bit of shiny for the sake of 3 yrs. It was an easy choice for me however as a regimental entry early in life scuppered that idea.
  7. read the post not looking to get out now. in 2-5 years depending on how my new job goes
  8. Life sentence.