Getting out - Advice please

Thought I'd pop on and ask a few questions as I'm getting inconsistant feedback at Unit level.

Joined at 17 and 1 month and have gone passed my 22 year point by 3 months and am desperate to leave the Army, Im just getting a little too phased at how SNCO's are treated these days and finding it really hard to focus and maintain a decent level of interest. My official release date is Aug 2009.

How can I leave early without risking my full graturity?

I know after my length of service I should know all the ins and outs but am getting a bit confused by things I am being told. Arrse has always been a good source so would appreciate feedback.

Cheers guys.
Hollow Tip,

Have you put your details into the Pensions Calculator?

This will give you an idea of what you could expect to get pension wise. Just put in different termination dates to see the difference.

If you leave before 22 years service has been completed, you will lose out on the pension big time. It is possible to leave up to 3 months early if you have the agreement of your CoC and DM(A).

I am not a HR guru, just someone who has looked into this myself.

Hiya Shiny

Cheers for your feedback mate,

I feel a bit pissed as by the time i officially leave id have done 23 years, I wasnt even a JNR and everybody i joined with are already out, I just feel I need to leave ASAP.

I was told that I could terminate at 22 years and 6 months, giving notice at 22 years and 3 months with no loss to pension. I dont know if this is in fact a possibilty?

Hollow Tip

You are going to have to sit it out until your 22 year pensionable point. Your chain of command can allow you to leave early if you have a firm job offer, normally up to 3 months. One of the guys working for us doesn't officially leave the RAF until Jan so the precedents have long been set. A well worded letter to your CO might ease things.
You can get out up to 3 months early if you have a job offer, and your potential employers can provide proof in writting that they will not keep the job open for you until your normal ROD, applications go through TOS soldiers at DM(A) via your CO/RCMO. You will still keep your pension, it is in QR's, Chapter and Verse eludes me at the moment.

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