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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bowser-Mong, Aug 29, 2007.

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  1. Two items of news that grabbed my attention (well one did the other left me aghast). A soldier is awarded an insulting amount of money for the horrific injuries he received in Afghanistan and it is mentioned in the press and a small excerpt in the news on tv. A convicted terrorist who is now a cause celebre is treated like a hero in a foreign country and even has a statue erected in his honour and is feted by our disgraceful government as a hero. Our prime minister even accorded Mr Mandela the accolade "of being one the greatest leaders the world has ever known" (or some such crap).

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  2. I would have preferred seeing the Abandoned Soldier statue placed there.

    I think it is wrong to have statues of foreign figures in this area. We have more than enough British citizens to fill any gaps.
  3. beats me why this country needed a statue of him ... i was appalled that this "great" man did not use his influence with the african leaders to adopt a realistic and knowledgable attitude with regard to hiv/aids ... and of course speaking out against mugabe's killing of his fellow africans
  4. I've been in his house in Sowetto (now a museum). He had a pink, fluffy toilet seat cover with matching pink, fluffy mat for when his aim was poor and he missed the bowl. Also one of those knitted dolls that are used to cover up the spare bog roll sitting on the cistern. I'll never take the man seriously again.

    Anybody know how much Red Ken spent trying to get planning permission to put the statue in Trafalgar Square?
  5. As was said in another thread by a quicker man than me: the statue should be "necklaced". ie a tire full of gasoline placed around it's neck and burned. Many ANC opponents met their grisly ends in this manner. Quite appropriate, methinks.
  6. I wonder if ex wife Winny will send round the Nelson Mandela Football team boys to sort out the waste of bronze.

    He was a convicted terrorist, and he did bomb and kill innocent people (as far as I am aware).

    Lets get Gerry and Martin statue's out in front of Buck palace... after all they are legit now!!
  7. Let's face it, nobody had even heard of the cnut until The Special AKA released the single - despite his 'plight' being the cause celebre of the Labour Party's anti-apartheid agenda in the '70s and '80s. What's he doing in Parliament Square? What was a statue of a pregnant flid doing in Trafalgar Square?
  8. cracking tune though!

    I saw NM once... tiny little bloke, and looked just like my Gran (she was white, but was the same size and shared his taste in flowery shirts)