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Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by Andrew_2010E, Oct 4, 2010.

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  1. When I Was living at home some of my dad's friends used to come round occasionally and tell us how their sons or people they were getting on in the army or with their lives. They'd travelled, been overseas or were getting married, then they'd have a kid of their own and a house.

    I just want to ask as a civilian, is there some secret to this? I've found it impossible to even get a relationship with a woman, just been to parties/nightclubs years ago etc, been on a few dates in recent years which haven't led to anything. I don't understand how people have got married 10 or more years younger than me, been around the world and so on. How do you find time to do this in the army? Do most people meet their spouse at school/college before joining?
  2. Are you seriously asking people to tell you how to live your own life?
  3. I totally agree T-M, he is letting himself in for a huge verbal slapping from this site!
  4. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    It's probably because you are dog ugly and have the personality to match. I suggest lowering your standards, there are plenty of fat chicks out there who need loving too.*

    *Just not from me or any of the other beautiful people I know.**

    **Except for maybe Dave, he likes chunkers for some reason.
  5. oh come on! He asked a valid question which is: How come, when people are so busy, travelling around, do you find a wife/girlfriend?
  6. Go on a Club 18-30 holiday.
  7. If you have to ask then you're probably so lacking in initiative, imagination and social skills that we, the rest of humanity, are glad you're alone.
    Get a dog and a subscription to "Big Jugs & Heavy Weapons Monthly".
  8. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    JHC I'm a 59 year old crippled allcy and I am still ably to pull the odd over 50 divorcee/ widow, get off your arrse and go out and get a life FFS
  9. Become a club 18-30 Rep, you will meet ugly/stupid people of a particular age group who are looking for no hold barred fun and frolics, after just one season you will become a swordsman of biblical proportions and will be able to satisfy drunk/drugged women on a regular basis. Eventually however, you will move to Bridgend, attend the local VD clinic with some gopping disease you caught off one of your many conquests and then hang yourself. Alternatively stop wanking on the internet and get out and meet people, there's always plenty of fish for growlers and the needy. Free Online Dating at™ No need to thank me.
  10. Off to Wilkos with you.

    Gaffer tape. Rope. Bleach and big scary knife.

    Over night you will find that you can pull any women you want and if your desperate for a relationship you can always get a cheap flight to Portugal. I know a few tapas bars you can hang around until the ideal opportunity arises.
  11. They have what you lack.

    Flair, drive, ambition, personality.

    Get yourself down the airport (after the snow) and book yourself on a flight to anywhere. Meet teh local talent chat 'em up and shag 'em. Then come home.

    Go down the pub/club and redefine your approach. You are not desperate to talk to them, they are honoured to talk to you.

    Let us know how it goes.

    Relationships will happen, but in the mean time just start kicking some back doors in.
  12. I keep asking them to order me a bone saw but they won't have it.
  13. Some don't. I had a wonderful 13 years in green travelling the world and having a generally adventurous time of it. Due to the working and tour commitments in my trade I never did find find that 'special someone' until I'd left. I then met my now wife and carried on with life. As the others have said though. No-one can tell you how to live your life, because it's, well, yours, and nobody elses. You can ask for advice sure, but what works for one does not always work for someone else. My advice would be to do something adventurous whist you are still young, so at least when you do (eventually) meet someone you don't come across as dull!
  14. terroratthepicnic

    terroratthepicnic LE Reviewer Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Runners

    What TV/Radio show / newspaper artical will this information be going in?

    From my expirience, most squaddies who couldn't find a wife the conventional way, bought one. Mainly from Asia, but it has been know for some to buy them from Russia or other eatern block countries.
  15. Your not missing much mate.

    Ive got it made but still bang gopping trouts off the internet and use prostitutes.

    Build yourself a hard drive packed full of exotic and legally borderline pornography.