getting on tour not with your unit

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by spad, Oct 15, 2009.

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  1. boys and girls how can i get on another tour but not through my unit?
    they have no options for me so any ideas how i go about it?

    I've looked on the army website but there all long term post not tours

    thanks for your help
  2. If you've got an Armynet account, check out the OCE list. Follow the MSWeb link at the top. Funnily enough, there's sh!t loads of EOD drivers escorts jobs going on HERRICK, for L/Cpls - Cpls.
  3. But you must keep your unit informed whatever you do, since they can effectively veto your actions if you go outside the chain of command.

    The website I suspect you have looked at is for the FTRS posts which are typically long term in duration (12 to 42 months). The OCE list that Cavalier refers to does have possiblities and those posts are boarded at Glasgow on an ad hoc basis.
  4. The form needs to be signed by the CO/1st RO for a job application if you're applying for a particular post.

    But agreed, don't go jumping in feet first.
  5. Guys he is asking about a tour, not a post.
  6. Yeah the OCE list has vacancies for OP HERRICK, but specific jobs such as driver escort. On tour with the EOD.
  7. What's the chance of RafAuxAF getting on TA tours like these. Due to the recent recruitment, tours have dried up , we are not needed now.
  8. thats for the info guys great help,
  9. OCE works the same way, you have to complete the form (ideally electronically) and then get your 1st RO/CO to sign it off and ping it up to Glasgow. For soldiers the boards are now held ad hoc, for officers the next board is mid November and applications need to be in three weeks before. Posts are being trawled up to 12 months before mobilisation.
  10. any other ideas guys? doing the OCE route via glasgow and not getting much back, sent of a mil CV as requested with the COC permission, but nno responce at the moment
    also trying through my COC to no luck. keep coming back saying there isnt much going on?!?!?! really?!?!?!!?

    does any one know of any unit deploying april time that i can direct my COC towards to get me out on tour?
    **** me theres a war on I thought!
  11. msr

    msr LE

    Don't confuse 'there's a war on' with 'there is a massive demand for your rank/skillset'

    We are a reserve, if you are that keen for an op tour, go regular.

  12. Hassle someone at your Bde. I know there was a large trawl in a northern bde for inf vols not too long ago