Getting on to the electoral roll- help!

I'm a singly living in the block, and as such I'm having trouble obtaining cheap credit because I'm not registered as being on the electoral roll (the record so far is a loan offered to me at 50.1% APR!) Tried to contact the local authority who basically have just given me the run around- the best suggestion that they came up with (unofficially, of course) was to register as living at my parents address which is something a lot of blokes at work do (their own parents, not mine obviously). However, besides that being illegal my parents are in receipt of housing/council tax benefit which would be affected- so that's not an option. And as far as going the forces voter route, as far as I'm aware this won't make any difference to my credit rating because I won't appear on the full register. Any ideas?
Kev, you're a definitely not alone and this problem has been discussed before - it must be hugely frustrating, particularly when you are trying to do the right thing. What reason did your council give you for not putting you on the electoral roll where you live right now?
Go to your local authority website, find the official complaints page and fill it in. If you get no response go to the local government ombudsman website and complain there. Local government will do anything to avoid doing anything: stick with it! The electoral role used to be updated once a year, not now; you just have to contact the council. Hope this helps.
The statement below is the reason why military personnel find it so hard to register. It makes life so much easier for councils with forces personnel stationed in their area of responsibility. If we are unable to cast our votes then they can deny us our rights. Kev. Go to CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau) and they will open the door for you.


Transient soldiers generally exercise their votes by postal ballot in favour of authorities in the area of their domicile rather than cast them locally. Thus, there is no political imperative to act in favour of such a group at the expense of their own local population to whom they are politically accountable and whose alienation they are wary of should they be seen to favour the military in respect of housing.
I seen something published just after the last general election scam. All Regiments etc have to have an officer in charge of the electoral register for that unit. Kev go to your admin office and ask about it, see if they can point you in the right direction. All I can tell you is on the front cover there was a picture of John Reid MP and a couple of tri-service personnel. It was about june / July 05.

All the best, and dont give up.

I'm sure when you register as a service voter (talking as a pad mind) you had the option to appear on the full register.
A big thank you to everyone who has posted so far. According to the local authority of the area I'm stationed at, I have no direct council tax liability at my forces address (like all singlies I pay Contributions In Lieu Of Council Tax direct from source) and with no liability- no electoral roll. My 'home' local authority, to be honest, doesn't really give a stuff- like everyone else in the forces we don't exactly fit into one of their little boxes (just like with car insurance, mortgages etc.), and sorting it out would take a bit of effort (I am SO bitter!) on their part- so we've got no chance. I'm going to try and track down my units ERO (though I bet it's a pilot who only took on the job to look good for his OJAR's- cynical as well as bitter!)and if I get no joy then give the CAB a go. I'll post anything I find out. In the meantime- all other suggestions/experiences gratefully received!!! Thanks again you lot.

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