Getting on courses in the summer

Hi, I've been in the TA for a couple of years now and just finished first year of Uni. I've asked my Platoon Sgt for info on any courses running between now and early Sept when I go back to Uni but he hasn't come back to me, despite my reminders. Can't go on the "summer" camp as it's in October.

If there is nothing going on, fair do's but I really want to do something, I'm already bored shitless, and one weekend a month is not enough. I also need the money.

Any ideas of any infantry courses running anywhere in England or Wales that I could jump onto? I'm in the Rifles.



Without wishing to seem like a blast from the past, you will need to speak to your PSI. Courses over the August block leave period can be thin on the ground, but there might be the option of joining another TA or regular unit on an exercise within that time frame.

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