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getting on an op tour...

just out of interest...how,if at all possible,would i go about volunteering to get on an op tour??done herrick 12(long time ago..),recently been posted to 35,who are just returning from AFG...so probably some quiet times ahead!!
any info would be appreciated ( LCpl, A1 Elec,if anyone is wondering...)
Number 7 board is always worth a look (go onto DII, MS website, op tours).

Or failing that come to 39 Engr Regt as 12 Group seem to say yes to ******* everything!
Speak to your CoC about re-trading to search, do course then get posted to Wimbish, where, after your 3rd or 4th tour you'll be completely sick of the whole place!


I certainly wouldnt do it, being in a unit search team 30 years ago was enough! There must be easier ways to earn your shilling!


To be fair I'd have to say its the least popular of jobs out there at the moment. What will happen to the Regts dedicated to search after we withdraw I cant say but at least those of you who stay on will have some real hard core RE experience.

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