Getting my wings?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by future_para92, Oct 12, 2009.

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  1. I have heard recently that due to the recession and lack of funds, that Paras that pass P Coy are less likely to gain their wings, because due to the few planes available, priority is given to SF. Is this true and realistically how long would this mean waiting to earn my wings?
  2. Get yourself posted to 3 para Mortars where you will quickly be awarded your Brown ones young lad!
  3. It's due to lack of aircraft availability. Para Regt have priority over all others. Most get their wings within 3-4 months of passing P Coy.
  4. cool, thanks for clearing that up
  5. First things first, lad.
  6. Aren't you a bit 'previous' - can't help but notice your avatar!
  7. Agreed, a little thing called "P Coy" awaits. Worry about that first, train hard, keep your mouth shut and do what you are told.

    Oh and Good luck!
  8. He's gotta get through ADSC and PRAC yet, he could be an 18 stone whale for all we know. Time will tell.
  9. Just what I thought ! You can't say the lad isn't confident :)
  10. Isn't the term for non jump trained paras 'Penguin'? I though this had been happening for a few years, it's good to know they het wings still, all be it delayed.
  11. We don't call them anything really though I have heard the term 'penguin' before. It's the hard training in Para Depot and P Coy that makes a Para. Brize Norton is just the finishing touch really and is the easiest part of training.
  13. You can only think what it takes as you will never be one.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.