Getting my walt on: cheap BB rifles?

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by BrunoNoMedals, May 6, 2012.

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  1. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    I have a pest problem. It's not the kind of pest problem that .22 pellets and a shovel would solve, but it's the kind that 6mm ball bearings could.

    I considering buying a rifle that can give small furry animals a sting but no lasting damage. I don't want to spend more than £100 unless I really have to. I've seen a couple like these:

    Swiss Arms SAR10 VSR Black

    Bolt Action Sniper Rifle | Airsoft Direct

    Bolt Action Sniper Rifle 570 FPS! | Airsoft Direct

    ... but I'm not really sure where to start; what's useful or indeed legal.

    Is this too walty a question to get a response from the ARRSE faithful? :D
  2. the ak47 waterpistol will persuade cats and other creatures to **** off and even if the owner complains a waterpistol is hardly and offensive weapon.

    the walty L96 will have plod turning up with real guns and will be classed as a potentialy lethal ball bearing rifle in the caution you end up with.
    if water isnt long range enough a catapult with plastic training balls will achieve the same aim similar force and accuracy and now your a mad walt brevik:(
    Black Training Catapult Ammo - Surplus and Outdoors 4 quid for a 100
    20 quid for a posh catapult with a sight or 7quid for the orginal black widow.

    or you could go the walty way and look forward to explaining it the balaclaved dual wielding copper :( whose been called away form important stuff like call of duty and practising his 1000 yard stare.
  3. Depends on the pest. If it's neighbours' cats or dogs then shooting them with a bb gun probably isn't wise. You may just sting them, but equally you could easily damage internal organs, or even blind them. Then you could have the RSPCA and possibly police involved. If they are proper, i.e. recognised pests, e.g. grey squirrels, wood pigeons, rabbits, rats etc then get an air rifle, practise until you can consistently group shots in a 1-2cm target at 20-25 yards, and then shoot the pests, aiming for an instant and humane kill. (Apologies if you are current or ex-forces and so already an excellent shot). Bin the rats, the others you can eat yourself.
    If you go down that route, familiarise yourself with the laws regarding air guns, BASC - The British Association for Shooting and Conservation is a good place as any.
  4. £120, perfectly legal as long as you don't start waving it at the neighbours and is a blowback model so loads of fun too. It'll put a metal bb through a full can of coke and keeps 14 yr old boys on the garden and out of their bedrooms on their guitar for at least a couple of hours. IMAG0041.jpg Tangfolio Witness.
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  5. try just BB guns, cheap cheerful, fairly high quality guns,
  6. So you just want to wound small animals and not just get a clean kill? Have you thought about trapping them and leaving them to starve to death or maybe die of dehydration?
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  7. Point of interest: When I did plod training school we covered licensable animals which are Cows, horses, asses, mules, pigs, sheep, dogs and goats. Kill or injure one of those it needs reporting or you can get reported for the consideration of prosecution.

    One class member asked, "what about cats"? The Sgt Instructor asked, "is it on the list"? "Errrrr, no". He then went on to state to a class of trainee polds that if a cat was crossing your garden you could take it out with an air rifle, bow or crossbow with total impunity. That is following the letter of the law, personally I think the RSPCA would try to castrate you and you would become a test case.
  8. You really don't have to kill or wound the cats..... an accurate air rifle fired a foot over it's head can be a quick but painless lesson .

    It's a very scary noise, but does no harm.

    I've got cats, so I don't like to see them harmed, but at the same time, I've had vicious cats from around the area target my cats.

    They hate sudden loud noises.... a humane scare tactic is to keep a catapult and some wet sand in a tub, handy.

    Quickly mould a golf ball sized pellet and fire it in the general direction..... it breaks up mid- air and makes a scary noise... shouldn't take long to get the message.
  9. He was talking bollocks then. If you kill ANYTHING with a bow or crossbow in the UK you're breaking the law; bow-hunting is not legal. I'm also pretty sure that the only things you're allowed to kill with an air rifle are recognised pest species.
  10. Constantly.

    Thankfully prostitutes are easier to catch and aren't missed as much.
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  11. Still legal to shoot a Welshman in Chester after 10pm with a bow and arrow though, ******* racists!
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  12. You can legally shoot Scotsmen with a bow and arrow in the cathedral close in Winchester. I always kept my mouth well shut when walking around that area.
  13. Probably, you had to know the man. To give you an indication of his mental state he was shagging a cleaner at the training centre, her nickname was cyclops.

    As the owner of compound bows for 25 years I know that.

    I never did meet a member of the public that had terminated a neighbours cat and I was town based and never dealt with one pet incident. However, though I am not sure, I do believe if the cat is feral you can legitimately terminate it - a bit like allegedly happened to some of the wildcats in Lisburn Garrison that were shredding the insualtion of the piped steam heat.

    RSM's like cats. Particularly if they think they are getting rabbit.