Getting mucked about on terminal leave

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by onlyme, Sep 9, 2008.

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  1. I was lucky enough to tie in all my leave (annual/carried over/resettlement/terminal) in a oner, however before starting this leave 2months ago i had some jpa trouble with my resettlement course fee's. This ment that after my civvie course in terminal leave time i would have to travel back to my unit in germany and sort pay etc out.

    This seemed like a good idea as i could tie it in with seeing my girlfriend and book out/hand in kit etc. My problem now that im back on camp is some of the senior ranks who consider me a 'deserter' for leaving after 7years service are trying to make my life hell. I am ment to be starting a job at the end of the week but they are trying to keep me there under no offical charge. My hair is slightly longer than it should be and i havnt shaved since the weekend, when i tried to go into rhq i was kicked out for this reason. Now i dont mind getting my hair cut etc, but are they allowed to tell me what to do on my terminal leave?

    If i am in the block can they summonse me to there office just to have a nag? I only have 15 days to go and as yet cannot book out... Can i leave without booking out? Thanks in advance for your answers.
  2. If you are being paid, then you are still subject to military law.

    You won't be able to leave until you have completed the paperwork, satisfied JPA and booked out.

    Look, the simple answer is "shave, haircut, smile lots, complete paperwork, book out, escape". They have you by the short and curlies and, as long as you fight them, they will fight back.

    Good Luck!

  3. Thanks for your quick reply, im going to take your advice but im pretty sure it wont be straight forward. Would you happen to know if i can book out via mail from uk? Whats the score with me leaving friday if i havnt satisfied jpa etc? Thanks again
  4. FFS, not shaving, haircut etc..... You acted like a moron, until you get out the gate you are in the military. Creep like a goodun and they may release you on Friday, act like a tit and they will not.
  5. after 7 years mate you should know to tow the line for last few weeks, jesus
  6. You should know, crossing the tees and dotting the i's mean that you are not free to leave until your unit says good byeeeee

    As others above have said, you are still under military law so they own your balls until your run out date kicks in. Good idea not to post on here as your seniors ranks do read arrse now and again.
  7. I assume that if you don't keep JPA happy and don't book out, you will be AWOL and you won't receive your pension at 65!

    Wind yer neck in and get it done - then leave quick!

    Good Luck in the future,


    PS: If you're leaving the girlfriend behind, can we have her number? :D