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Dunno if this is in the right place and its a fairly daft question i know but here goes.....

Do soldiers Turn up to wedding Etc in there like best uniform dunno if any of you have seen the guardian but they turn up to a wedding in there best dress

does this really happen ?

Yes it does but at the request of the bride and groom to their military guests and subject to local security clearences applied for through your local Bde G2.
okay thanks mate :D does this not mean i could go to my mums wedding like this then ?
Scooby, if its just you then its fine but run it past your Troop SSgt or OC first to let them know, just in case you live somewhere.. not so friendly.

If it was you plus a bunch of mates in service dress then a quick security check wont go amiss.
Well I didnt know that you had to ask permission to wear your uniform. So when you gon home on leave etc, are you not allowed to wear your uniform home etc? I met a really nice soldier on a train a few weeks back & got talking to him etc. He was wearing his uniform but had just come back from Irac for 2 weeks & was then going back. Did that make a difference to the rules then> :?
Ruels regarding uniform in public have been relaxed and is governed by your Unit. It all depends on location and circumstance etc.
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