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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Punk_trooper, May 26, 2009.

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  1. My partner and I are wishing to marry 1/2 way through basic training and ive been told that you have to have the army's permission, does anyone know if thats true??

    Thanks all

    PT :D
  2. Save yourself the agg and wait until your done and dusted, (if you havent already booked), and as a polite afterthought, the potential for smashing gronks in weekend after weekend for the next few years is quiet high, but the chance of you getting bored of the same pasty white thighs and blank expression of your wife is infinitely higher ! Make the right choice ! :D
  3. Timings not your strong point is it. :roll:
  4. Wait until after training, you dont need the hassle mid-training.
  5. weve been together for 7 years and got 2 kids, i was just worried that the army may refuse permission, and we wanted to be married to make sure we got our SFA.

    Also she aint white reni.:D
  6. Oooh now were talking son ! Have you any polaroids of her belly dancing with a nappy and welders helmet on ? Failing that ill settle for a seductive pic of her frying mustard seeds on an open fire with a sitar player plating her tush ? :D

    They wont refuse you mate if it's a reasonable request, but you should probably let them know ASAP, let the careers office know, write a letter to your Coy/Trp/Plt commander stating your intentions ect, I would personally leave it till your done, you'll have enough to be getting on with so save it for your first good block of leave and enjoy 2 weeks together as opposed to a sh*tty weekend.
    Let me know how you get on.
  7. You have managed to string it out this long so waiting a few more weeks / couple of months won't change anything. Getting wed mid-basic would be truly stupid.
  8. If I could just summarise:

  9. lmao just dont get married :D thats the best idea i can come up with :cool:
  11. Half way thru basic training seems fairly silly timing tbh, I really would wait till your finished.
  12. thanks for the advice guys. ill have a chat with the missus and see what she reckons, i did mention it to my AFCO advisor but he didnt really say anything about it.

    Thanks again! :D
  13. punk_trooper me old mate . i have spoken to my afco as well didnt find him much help on this matter he just told me to contact my chosen regiment and speak to them . but if it was me mate i would wait untill i had done all my training earnt some pennys then go hve my wedding then have a good long honeymoon with my new wife maybe in seyschells sippining pinacolardas think thats ho you spell it but thats just me
  14. Unless I'm mistaken I thought the idea of basic was for them to run you ragged for 12 weeks and fill all your time with BS. But if the modern Army allows recruits to plan and attend a wedding during basic then good luck.
  15. Punk

    The army cannot refuse you permission to marry, this is an old tradition that was kept to ensure that young soldiers went through the cofc and a series of interviews to make them aware that they knew what they were letting themselves in for (mentally and financially), which you look like you do. The best thing to do is to inform your training team on arrival at depot but try and have your wedding on leave after basic. You should also write a letter to your OC, CO and Co of unit you intend to join, just as a courtesy.