Getting married while in Army

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by bataz, May 22, 2009.

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  1. Is it hard to get book holidays/leave when you want to get married? I hope to be passed out by march/april, want to get married june/july, will i have problems with me been fresh out of training? if so i can put it back.
  2. you cant "book" leave, like you would in a civvie job

    you go on leave whenever your unit does.
  3. Really :?

    Wouldn't like to be in your Unit.
  4. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Most units "like" you to all go on leave at the same time (it's termed "block" leave), although there are always exceptions due to individual circumstances.

    In your case however, I'd be pushing the wedding to the right. It's not going to look good tipping up at your first unit and announcing you need certain dates off because your wedding is booked. Your other half is obviously going to kick off about this, but that's not the Armys concern, unfortunately.

    Get to your unit, settle in, then discuss with your new PC about your plans for the immediate future, explain that you've pushed it right in order to pass training and settle into service life, and (unless he's a chopper) you should be able to come to an agreement.

    Additionally (I assume you're going to ITC?) once you know which Bn you are going to join, write them an introductory letter (your DS will be able to help) explaining your circumstances so they are pre-warned.
  5. Was going to post something like that Fugly, but my warsteiner would have got warm :D
  6. cheers guys, jus wondering how it all works, nothing is booked yet.
  7. thats how it works in our place

    unless someone has been on a course or something and is owed leave, then they can ask for time off, training programme dependant
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    Hope this helps xx
  9. Do you still need you OC's permission to get married?

    Chris_2oo6 - are you not confusing block leave with the only leave available?
  10. Units may impose block leave etc... but that doesn't mean that is the only time you get to have leave.

    Most units I have been to have "maximum leave periods" where people know that they can take leave, and they impose "leave bans" over periods where exercises etc take place.... in both cases it is not certain that you will or will not be allowed to take leave though. You speak to your line manager, and then book it; or not.

    Bataz, if you are wish to get married go for it. Speak to your platoon staff and see what can be arranged.... perhaps you could manage to get married between ITC and your Bn. But definitly get in touch with you next unit.... sliding your "marrage to the right" could put it in the middle of an exercise period or similar.

    Certainly write to your next unit, with help from your staff. This isn't a show stopper, it can be sorted out quickly and with out fuss.... if people want it to be so.
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  13. haha cheers for the info everybody