Getting Married - what do i need to do? who do i need to tell?

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Caboose, Jul 23, 2011.

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  1. Hi All

    I have just proposed to my Girlfriend and she said yes :/ I just want to know who i need to speak to to start the ball rolling! there is a guy on camp who has had to get letters, have meetings with padre and squadron co's! Also is it true we can use any military FOC? How do i go about getting that?

    Iam Half way through phase 2 and so is she, but we are different cap badges - she will be finished in half the time as me.

    Cheers for any thoughts guys
  2. Put it up through the CoC (Chain of Command). They will let you know.

    Any photos of the lucky lass?
  3. Unit MO will tell you if she is good to breed from. The CO will probably want a test drive and leave her with the Pl for a weekends vetting. If all 3 tick the box then sign yer pay packet away for the next 20 years, buy her a nice dress and off down to Westminster abbey.
    Altrnate plan. Go to the register office next weekend, book the wedding, grab a couple of people off the street to act as witnesses and sign the book. On the Monday morning go into the CSMs office , tell him what you have done and leave him with the prob of sorting out a MQ.
    I know which my preferred would be.
  4. Thanks guys ! millionaires weekend next weekend soo can u just roll up to registry office? is there like a drive through ?

    here you go morsk

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  5. You have to register your interest to get married at least 2 weeks before, so they can put a notice out to anyone who says it's fake, one of you is already married etc.

    I suggest getting a ring on her finger before she ends up wearing the hat!
  6. Good lad. Best of luck with the training/marriage.
  7. DIY mate, Its cheaper in the short and long terms, I did this with Mrs W_M. We have all been to big weddings where people get blasted, start fighting and above all have huge debts to pay of afterwards then to cap it the marrige only lasts a year.
  8. Agreed. It doesn't have to be a flash do..... Just so long as you both enjoy it. Make a big day out of it and you can always have a party with the family later. In my experience, the family just get drunk and fight and ruin it. Maybe that's just us tho......
  9. You need to turn around and run as fast as you possibly can. Consider changing your name, moving to the other end of the country and doing anything else it takes to lose her before you end up shackled for the rest of your natural.

    Nice photo though. I'd finger her.
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  10. Yea we were thinking of doing a Diy then a bigger one at a later date! seems like we have to give notice anyway so we cant rush it that quickly :) So if i take it through the COC, which i have too?, will they tell me im not allowed or will they just sit me down and make sure im doing the right thing?
  11. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Haven't the will to go through this thread, but if it has to be a church wedding. Go Catholic, tenner and a couple of beers for the priest, cheaper that way. Or if she's chinese ring the PSNI they'll turn up scoop everyone and the damages are going to cover honeymoon and housefurnishings.
    (It's probably on BBC NI website. PSNI lift bride and groom in Derry and aplogise)
  12. No no no no no no no, don't do it, send her here l will look after her for you.

    Make it a small affair as both of you will probably be skint and of course l am free that day.

    Good luck with the training and the wedding, when it comes.
  13. Wedding on the cheapish -
    Wedding £100 (was a few years ago) something like £60 for registary office & £40 for person to do it
    Dress £100
    Suit £250 (I needed a new one)
    Rings £300 (That's the main bit that should last)
    We took everybody out for a meal (about 15 guests in total) £400
    Taxis £40
    Photos - £250 tops, but try to get someone starting out and they might do it for free if you go in their portfolio
    Hair for £50
    Honeymoon £500 last minute deal somewhere.

    We did have about £15,000 to spend at the time, but thought we'd (Me & Mrs EDM) rather put the money towards a house, so I think in total our wedding cost about £2,000 including the honeymoon etc.

    Stupid & soft as it sounds, but the most important bit is the person you marry, her wedding dress will spend 10 years in the loft being looked at every now and again, but 10 years down the line she'll still be sat next to you on the couch farting and complaining how you don't lift the seat when you piss. Unless you have a prince albert in which case it'll go everywhere anyway!
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  14. Treat any marriage proposal as an opportunity for someone to get half of your money/house and the shirt off your back. My advice say you've decided it's over-rated and you've seen loads of people get divorced and you don't want marriage to sour your relationship.
  15. Please, please, please don't be tempted to get married in uniform, unless you can lay your hands on some Legion of Frontiersmen rig; then post the snaps here.