Getting married/moving in with a partner can make you fat

Whiskey_60 said:
No, too much eating and not enough exercise makes you fat.

Its amazing people get paid to do this research.
Not all research requires a paid grant, for example, this study only required a few questionnaires to be administered, and the data was probably analyzed by students completing their degree; so it would possibly have been a useful exercise for somebody to develop their research skills, and not really have cost anything.

Although considered in a wider context, these are useful findings; for example there is a problem with anorexia in the elderly; not like young person anorexia, but because of physiological changes of aging (e.g. effecting appetite regulation) and also the effect of some medications - causing malnourishment. Therefore, this study could go someway to suggest another factor in developing this; as in becoming widowed etc, may also mean less food is consumed.
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