getting married in Vegas

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by halo_jones, Aug 13, 2007.

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  1. thinking about a marriage viva las vegas style, i have a hankering for her to do the elvis thing.

    so anyone

    have the info on vegas marriage
    how they relate too civil partneships on return to uk
    where slug can get a elvis wig, thinks she wants to have a memento.
    i of course willl stick to classy short white dress and heels to keep the essex girl spirt alive
  2. I actually so want to dress as Elvis.

    We need a best man though.
  3. I'll be Your dawg (if You can name the advert)
  4. Is that "Las Vegas" and "style" in the same sentence?

    Shame on you!

  5. You are now my Dawg

  6. I did it last year. You both need to take your passports (also birth certificates i think) to the clark county court house in downtown vegas to get a licence ($55 in cash). The office is open till midnight. Also when you fill the licence application in they won't accept uk or GB as countries, its England or Scotland.
    The clark county courthouse has its own website with info on legalities. I'm not sure if Nevada does civil partnerships though. is a good site for the actual ceremonies
  7. Can i just apologise for my above comments. It is truthful & informative & therefore does not belong on this site. I shall return to posting bitchy b0ll0cks as per normal. Normal service will be resumed
  8. the ADVERT was Kiaora.
  9. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Nevada is weird. Soddom & Gomorrah, but the ground you walk on is owned by Utah Mormons (avoid Utah at all costs). So the laws can be a tad weird.

    Whatever you do... go to Mix Bar, 63rd floor of that big black casino behind the pyramid one. You cant miss it. Big leather sofas, floor to ceiling glass and an adequate Vodka Martini.

    *Edit* Its called The Mandalay Bay and Mix is on the 64th floor.

    Take a budgie down the Grand Canyon.

    Dont plug your iPod in at the poker tables.
  10. my wife and I got married in Las Vegas last September in the little white chapel.

    Both my wife and I laughed through the whole experience as it was weird to say the least. And cheaper than having a "big day" here!

    You need to go to the Clark County Court house to get a licence and then fill in some forms. They will take copies of your paperwork i.e. passports, divorce papers and give you a licence to take to the minister / church.

    You will need to pay the minister as well as the church (they call it a donation)

    You will then need to send off a cheque/ money order to get a certified copy of the wedding licence to make to legal in the UK. suggest you do this in Las Vegas at a 7 eleven as it is a lot cheaper.

    Hope this helps, if not PM me.
  11. Lesbian partnerships in Nevada are generally restricted to adult channels...and may in fact turn out to be bi-sexual threesomes in many cases.
  12. Is that you offering to be best man Cuddles?
  13. Bagsy cameraman! I reckon there's a lot of money to be made from an ARRSE porn empire.
  14. How will you video it if you are touching yourself?