Getting married in uniform?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Goku, Jan 23, 2011.

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  1. The young and attractive Goku has finally been snared and is due to be married (sorry ladies!)

    The magic day has been set for when I return from tour and the soon to be Mrs G has asked if I would get married in uniform.

    As I’m a STAB I don’t really think it would be appropriate, however I’m slightly open to the idea just to save a few £££ on a grooms tux.
    I’ve been issued FAD, I can get my hands on my Btns 1s but I haven’t been fitted for them so I’d probably end up looking like a sack of potatoes.

    What is the collective view of ARRSE to a STAB getting married in uniform at the Brides request?
  2. STAB in uniform - no probs with that.

    FAD? Never in a million years. It's God-awful stuff, and I certainly wouldn't want to look at photos of me in that shite for the next 40 odd years.
  3. I got married in blues because it was cheaper, you have to ask our razzer first though.
  4. i got married in Combat 95 (gen) because that's the uniform the wife preferred, mind you - she is a dirty bitch.
  5. 1s, definitely. They'll be able to tailor them to you if you give them enough warning.
  6. Phone your regular unit/RHQ for 1s. Don't do it in FAD.
  7. Ok for Regs - bit cheesy for STABs I think (and I am one). Morning dress, mate.

    Mind you, I once went to a wedding wearing dezzies so who am I to talk?
  8. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Do you really abbreviate your Battalion as Btn? Anyway, pedant mode off. 1s all the way, 2s as a groom? No way, just not done old boy. As for the TA slant, if you've earnt the right to wear it, do so!
  9. Yes. I've seen it in many a WO, I’m highly impressionable...
  10. Bn is the only approved abreviation for Battalion (Ref JSP 101 v3-1).

    But more importantly TA types getting married in uniform. Difficult one this, in years gone by I would have said no, absolutely not (in my humble view). However, given the number of TA soldiers deployed on operations since 2003 and the number of tours that some individual TA soldiers have clocked up, I would now say that it depends on the individual. For someone who has never been on operations or hasn't deployed for some time, then I'd say it is inappropriate as they would be very much a part time soldier (therefore almost full time civi). On the other hand, for the TA soldier who has spent more time in uniform and on tour in the last 12 months than he has being a civi, then why should he not enjoy the privilidge of wearing the uniform on such an occasion.

    I would suggest that a few key guidelines should apply. ORs should seek the approval of the RSM and Officers that of the Adjutant (or Commanding Officer for field officers). Secondly, standards, if you are going to do it, make sure the details are correct and that uniforms are complete, correct, polished, pressed, etc. And finally, wear the correct kit as dictated by regimental custom, for the majority this means blues, if you are a cavalry officer go for morning dress not uniform at all, I believe some regiments wear SD or 2s...

    And because I recall it being asked before, I would never see CCF/ACF adult staff wearing uniform at weddings to be acceptable because they will, by nature, always spend more time out of uniform than in it and have no deployable liability.
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  11. What sort of nonsense is this?

    Reg or TA, they are in the same unit. Thus can wear all the modes of uniform. I don't see anything wrong with a TA soldier getting married in uniform (as long as the wedding is on a weekend :D kidding).

    What is the difference between a TA who has not been on Ops and a Reg who hasn't? In your eyes one is deserving because they wear uniform daily? Wierdo.

    CCF/ACF are not part of the Army. They are youth workers dressed up as soldiers, they don't belong to a regiment or Corps thus unless the ACF/CCF has a set of number 1s on issue, they can't marry in uniform.

    Battalion - abbreviated to Bn. End of. Anyother abbrev is b0llocks, and the person using should be slapped, hard, for being a numpty.
  12. Agreed what a load of shite. If your serving in the TA then you are entitled to wear it (given relevent permission) regardless of number of tours. Just as you are entitled to wear mess dress. Regardless of how fancy it is all uniform. It is down to the individual to decide if it is appropriate for them to wear it and that is down to them.
  13. If the wedding is during POTL then you are still a 'regular'. No problem - go the whole hog. Even after de-mobilisation, and you have done a tour recently, it is still acceptable IMHO. Especially at the request of the bride-to-be. She has had to put up with quite a bit and deserves this. Oh - and No1 Dress. Nothing less.
  14. My second wife and I got married in uniform, I cut a fine dash in my skin tight St Trinians outfit whilst she drew the attention of the local press in her grandad's Standatenfuhrer SS rig.
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  15. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Bugger, others have got there before me but somebody needs a slap. What's a WO, please don't tell me it's a WngO?