Getting married in the morning

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by crafty1660, Aug 6, 2010.

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  1. This just displays a lack of imagination. On your own, what about the bridesmaids?
  2. Bar and hotel staff?
  3. Why are you getting smashed on your own talking to complete strangers on your last night of freedom??
  4. once bitten twice shy springs to mind as your asking for advice.
  5. Because thats what it will feel like for the rest of his life....
  6. I have. She loved it.
  7. We may be strange, but not all of us are complete. Well, apart from Big_Rob..he's a complete cunt.
  8. Doubtless you screwed up last time. It might be safer to let your Best Man deal with it this time.
  9. So you're sat there on your own out your trolley, and your best idea is to sign up to an army forum and try and get some dirty chat out of the ARRSE friday-nighters.

    That's quite sad really. Just have a wank and go to bed.
  10. Is that the advice for tonight or tomorrow night?
  11. Good advice for the rest of his life tbh.
  12. Second marriage? Isn't that the triumph of hope over experience?
  13. Had intended for tonight, but tomorrow night that may be an option. If she's going to whinge, give her something to whinge about.
  14. feck me TWICE, give your heid a shake fella.