Getting Married in Germany

I'm currently based in Germany which i have been for a while, i now plan to marry a German Girl that i have met there, which is all well and good but i have no idea if they need anything from me or my unit?

Was wondering if anyone here has been in the same situation that could give me some advice/point me in the right direction before i start asking my unit ect.

Wellllll, first you have to swear to believe in and further the cause of "Drang nach Ost" this is after you have had your head measured and been investigated for six (6) generations back for racial purity and finally you aren't allowed to like Poles.

Was that helpful?
Slightly different traditions from the Brits...just watch yer bank balance if ye ever get's hurting, trust me!
I married an Ericess in Hildesheim in nineteen eighty fcuk knows. I don't remember ever talking to the Padre, except about Welsh rugby, as that's all he ever talked about. You could start a conversation about the Bible and he'd steered the topic of conversation round to the Abertillery front row in seconds few.

If you're marrying in a Standesamt then problems can arise if you've been married before (as I had). Divorce documents had to be translated and accompanied by an Apostil (Apostille). I think my birth certificate as well. If you don't speaka da lingo, you'll have to get hold of an approved interpreter so you don't think you've turned up in your best bib and tucker just to buy a dog licence.

Get the pot-missus to check all of this, as it was a long time ago and things might have changed. Good luck.
Do you still do a courtesy letter of permission to the CO?
You will need an interpreter in the Registry Office, that's law. For some reason I had to post my bands in the UK and I don't honestly know why. Didn't speak to a Padre either. Ask some poor fooker in your unit that's married to a kraut.
Slightly different scenario, as I married a Finn. I was based in Germany at the time.
Had to get a shedload of paperwork from the consulate in Dusseldorf, ie proof that I was single and elegible to get married, proof of identity, passport wasn't good enough, all to be signed by the consular staff.
Make sure that your unit signs off on your docs and applies for a British wedding/marriage certificate, makes life easier if you ever blight Britains shores again.
Hope it helps somewhat.
I also married a sausage muncher, sadly she then stopped munching wurst.

The whole thing can be a bit of a man test, you will need:

1. Permission to marry (can't remember the form number) signed by your OC and then sent away to be stamped by UKSC(G). You will need this form before you can book a date. UKSC(G), though, will not stamp it unless you have a date. Make sure also it's stamped up in blue. I had to cancel my first date as paperwork stamped in black is unacceptable, could be ein photocopy apparently.

2. Your original birth certificate, listing both parents. This is apperently to prove you and ze frau are not related, but the law dates back to 1936 so best hope you haven't got a bit of Shylock in you.

3. As stated above, an interrupter unless you can prove you're pretty fluent. Mine could barely speak a word of the Queen's but was good for sheer comedy value.

There may be some other paperwork, depending on your circumstances, but the Stadtamt will tell you what you need. Just pop in with your intended. Once you have everything it'll all need to be sent away to be examined by the local courts and then, maybe, they'll let you get hitched.

Personally, from experience, it would have been easier to just get the Padre to carry out an English wedding on camp and then invited all her boxhead mates to the reception.

Actually it would have been a lot easier to just have not bothered. You still have time you know.
Could always get married in one of the churches on your camp.

My daughter was married on JHQ back in March. Slightly different as she was my dependant but G1 and the church office on camp supplied all the necessary paperwork.
The most important thing is not to forget to have a good look at the future Motherinlaw!!!!, I didnt and my cute little fraulein turned into Attila the Hun, mind you she did keep 11 inf brigade singlies happy while I was in NI, divorce after a standesamtichen hochzeit can be very painful and expensive , bUt cremation is very cheap!
My Brother got Married in Celle Castle and the registar did the service in both English and German, it was far better than any english wedding I had been to.....Goog Luck
SIBAG 3207 FAMS ADMINISTRATION (i think there is one near that regarding marrying a foreign national or a person without status) BAOR F120 now BFG 120.

Are you marrying in germany or UK?
Make sure you have "Gütertrennung" (which has to be done through a Notary). This prevents her walking off with all you owned before you married. I have never needed this, but good to know it is there.
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