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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by SamE, Oct 9, 2009.

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  1. Can you get all your driving licenses in the Army? I'm 16 now and I'll turn 17 while I'm in the Army.
  2. For the most part yes, however it does depend on the Capbadge and trade which you intend to join.
  3. REME as VM(B)
  4. You may find it hard to get a bike licence these days. You will probaly get qualified on any size truck but not including Artics. If you have to work on it you have to be able to drive it!
  5. You'll definately get B, C, C+E and you can usually get D later on if and when you can get on a course. A is a problem these days and very hard to get.

    If you go VM(A) you'll get H track license also.
  6. Cat A is motorbike isn't it? I don't know why anyone would want that one to be honest.
  7. Correct.
  8. You haven't lived then!!!!
  9. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Its useful if 6 wheels fall off your cat C. Then it only has two wheels and so is classed as a motorbike, or velocipede for insurance purposes.
  10. Yeah you 're right! stck to your Corsa, Ball bag!

    Get a bike and realise how slow and ill handling your car is. But just to keep you updated the only motobikes that the Army have now are the Honda STs for convoy control. The HDs have been taken away.
  11. As the Previous posters have very correctly stated,you will be trained in the vehicles that you use as part of the job.

    You will not be " given " the licences,but will be trained and if not up to standard possibly not pass....being able to drive is a skill beyond some people.

    For Example a Royal Engineer Driver Specialist would pretty much go like this

    Combat Engineer/Driver B3

    Initial Training in car licence and LGV 3 after Combat Engineer training....when you get to unit you will be taught to drive the specific vehicles associated with that licence...4 ton,trailers and most likely pick up an ADR licence as Sappers like to carry things that go boom.

    Possibly pick up your tracked licence for Spartan of AFV432 if your a section driver

    Driver B2

    In house training..after proving your capable of not killing your passengers you move up to the next pay scale and drive the 14 tonners for example, and Drops getting your LGV2 at this point.

    Bus licence trained in unit if you bribe them with beer.

    Driver B1

    This is where you get the chance to learn and drive the Engineer toys like self loading dump trucks and Foden Tippers,Ivecos ( if they still use them ) recovery trailers,full size tankers ( beer bribe ),Boat trailers.

    Driver Specialist

    1) Royal Engineer Crane Operator ( CPCS crane )

    2) Plant Transporter ( HGV 1 )

    3 ) Tank Bridge Transporter ( Freaking huge )

    4 ) Able Bridging System

    I also managed to pick up my Road Roller licence,Tracked Licence on a D6 dozer and motorcycle licence plus a full bus licence during this time.

    ** on a super serious note....if you cannot understand why someone needs a Bike licence...nobody will be able to explain it to you.My bike licence was the hardest test out of every licence I took and is the one that I have used the most in relation to travel,fun and pure pleasure.
  12. You need a bike licence so you can drive a bike legally. Simple!

    Quite why you would want any of the other licences I have no idea.
  13. Yes you will get your licences as a VM(B) (B, C and C+E). You will do your B at SEME probably after your initial trade training. You will then probably do your C and C+E at Leconfield or in house once you are posted to your first unit.

    I would suggest that you do your theory test prior to joining - it will speed up the whole process and you will spend less time on SATT at SEME - ergo, less time on guard. You will then be able to get down the Citroen garage on Farnham Road and get yourself a Saxo at 79.9% APR before the rest of your intake
  14. What an utter f ucking stupid statement, if he doesn't have these other licenses then his muckers will be spammed for all the driving duties/details and that would be just being a jack b astard.

    We had a young lad in my last unit who was a complete c ockend and would fail his test constantly now this probably made him feel good about himself but in reality all he was doing was jacking on his work colleagues when any driving duties came around, and on exercise he would always be sat in the back with his f ucking jack attitude. Cun t.

    Too many jack tw@ts around these day's.
  15. im off for c3s next week and get my C + E what does that let me drive?