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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Cardinal, Oct 24, 2006.

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  1. I remember reading some senior officer at Land in a soldier magazine article stating that items like windproof smocks were available pfr purchase through the system, all it needed was the right stock numbers and willingness of the QM to order said items.

    I was greatly encouraged by this, windproof smocks, softee jackets, decent boots, patrol sacks and assault vests/chest rigs all available without paying through the nose for them.

    Ever tried? I did through my TA unit and got laughed at. Last winter on mobilisation we were working in the hold of a ship in very low temps for long periods. We tried getting a cold weather enhancement of softee's but were told to get notted by the QM. So we decided to buy them through the system, after all the Rupert in soldier mag said it was possible. Again we got told to bugger off.

    Later some of our chaps were sent to Afghanistan, they hadn't got their kit from RTMC so asked the QM to get the kit in for them. The reply RTMC should have supplied it and if they didn't then he (the QM at our unit) would not.

    After a battle and long wait some, but not all, the required kit turned up.

    So if the very senior officer at Land was right in his soldier magazine article why then do QM's stil refuse to get the kit in if we are willing to pay? Has to be cheaper than paying out at the local surplus store.

  2. Because it would involve someone in the QMs having to put their brew/darts/pies down for five minutes and do some work without being able to get the Techs over to do it all for them?
  3. Is this actually possible an if so then what form exactly is needed for it??
  4. Sorry, but as far as I understand the system, if your unit (and its personnel) are not scaled for kit other than normal issue, the QM can not order it through the system without getting at best a slap on the legs (he will probably get the demands rejected & even if he was succesful, would get picked up on LSI). :(

    If you were deployed and went through RTMC then your QM was correct. He only has to bring you up to TA kit levels, it is then RTMC's responsibility to equip you for theatre. :(
  5. A lot of this Gucci kit is deemed as operational requirements only and needs to be ordered through an operational priority code. All other demands will not be authorised as there is only sufficient stocklevels to support the operational manning. (Lets face it, the cupboards are bare in Bicester as it is).

    I chased up a similar proposal for some PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and approached the relevant IPT over private purchase of some equipment. The "cut down" answer was that the MOD purchase these items at a discounted rate and are restricted from private sale due to VAT laws etc.

    Personally, I believe that QM Depts are overworked and undermanned as it is, and turning this Dept into a glorified PRI shop/Mail Order Department would be a recipe for disaster.
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Cardinal, taking everyone's comments into account, could you reproduce the article here so we can read the great man's actual words ?