Getting killed in Iraq is more routine than routine...

Witness Cynthia Hoag and three friends watched as a flag-draped box made its way down the airline conveyor belt and onto a trolley right along with the other luggage.

She said, "It’s a human being, someone who served the country, and they were put in baggage!"

Mary Ellen Siraguse said, "It took your breath away, because you realize what was coming out of the plane…it’s shocking! You just don't expect one of your soldiers to come out of the plane with the luggage."

Inside the casket are believed to be the remains of Army Sgt. First Class Tony Knier who was killed in Iraq on October 21.

I'm sure there must be a budgetary reason involving the cost of transferring a single coffin long distance. At least they didn't try Parcel Force, God knows where the poor bastard would have ended up.

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