getting jiggy WRVS style

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Heywood_Jablowme, Jul 3, 2005.

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  1. i don't know if it's wrong but recently a friend (or fiend) of mine had the dubious honour of bagging the WRVS lady.
    does anyone else think this is a moral outrage?
    i asked my girlfriend if she'd ever heatd of the WRVS and she replied
    'the old ladies that make tea in hospitals?'
    'yes..' i replied.
    'they also make love in XXXX'

    so, the dilemma is:

    a)is it a piece of harmless fun?

    b)is it depravity?

    perhaps this is part of a new drive to boost the WRVS's image.

    (i'm leaning towards the wrong camp btw)
  2. roflmao... ist the WRVS woman usually about 60+ years of age and nearly dead?

    Harmless Fun :)
  3. :p Ave itttttttttt
  4. Thay all need lovin !
  5. and KY coz the boat went out moons ago :)
  6. This is just wrong on so many, many levels.......

    Did he video it? Big market for Grey Porn.....

    Beebs :?
  7. They all need luvin'

    ......just not by me!
  8. Roflmao "Grey Porn"... nice way of saying Granny Porn :D
  9. Thats wrong on so many levals
  10. Grey Porn - Taking up the slack!
  11. Check out the sign over the WRVS clamjoisting line ups HQ......

    Coffee plus...... 8O


    Well, now we know where your mate picked his chick from.....

    Beebs ;)
  12. Isn’t the second in from the right you Beeb.
  13. Now this whole thing is so wrong, but, some would disagree; porn legend Ron Jeremy remembers fondly his session with an 84 year old who apparently was still up for it but couldn't get any action from the men her own age (no sh1t). In anycase he was very proud of the finished film it's (imaginatively) called '84 and still bangin'!' if you really want to pursue this kind of thing any further.

    Why do i know that?
  14. he usually collects knickers as trophies,i think he might start including teeth as well.
    i'll bet she was busting for a cup of tea the next morning!!
  15. Outstanding. His honourary Moosehunter's badge is in the post!