Getting it for free

Discussion in 'REME' started by gundog, Nov 21, 2008.

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  1. Here is something for the weekend. We often have visitors popping round to these pages looking for help with all sorts of problems vehicular and techyspanker type.

    In the real world we normally get a pint bought as a gesture of thanks, yet here they will get it for free. 9If someone can be bothered to help that is)

    So why not set up a link where if someone gets some help that sorts out their ills, they can then go and make an online donation to the REME Benevolent Fund, or something similar.

    Discuss. :!:
  2. If you don't want to do somebody a favour and help them out then simply don't do it.
    Charging for favours is a bit mercenary and un-necessary
  3. not what I thought the title meant then ... damn
  4. You mis-understand or you didn't read the last paragraph, the help and advice is given freely. If it helps then they have the option of making a charitable donation. So there is nothing mercenary about it.

    And as for you desktop commando, naughty boy thinking this was something rude!
  5. You don't charge for advice, if somebody brings a vehicle in for you to work on then it's a different kettle of fish (I've never tried boiling fish in a kettle, does it work?)
  6. Some clarification for people out there.


    If it helps them out and they want to get you a pint in, which is a bit hard unless they have virtual pints on facebook, then they have the option to make an online charity donation.
  7. I still don't think you quite understand, if you are giving advice then it is just that, advice. The bloke himself is doing the work or taking it to a garage and telling them what is wrong with it.
  8. Yes, a fish kettle is a long rectangular pan specifically made for poaching fish in, hence the kettle of fish.
    Back on thread, personally I think advice is just that, freely given by choice.
  9. Personally I think your car is a large albino called timothy and by feeding a black pudding up his exhaust pipe every two weeks he will work just fine, that's £20 please.
  10. Getting it for free

    Good marketing, hope it gets the point across.