Getting issued custom boots...

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by raven6625, Feb 16, 2010.

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  1. So I took my socks off on Sunday afternoon...
    Not terribly interesting until I counted the toe nails left in the socks afterward. I'd just got back off a walk. Not a tab, not an exorcise, a bog standard walk in the peaks with my GF. wearing issue boots.
    The problem is I have big feet, size 15 or so and despite the standard issue boots going up to a 15 they are too long and not nearly wide enough.

    Now I've tried out other boot makers[lots of] and nothing fits, the only option I can see is getting a pair from altberg custom fitted.
    the Adjt in my unit says its a good idea and told me to see the RQ about getting a set requisitioned... fine, so I see the RQ(back in September?) and he says he'll look into it. long story short its been months and i've got no closer then that to getting a pair issued.
    I know the rules changed recently and that I now need to see a podiatrist to get them signed off. My problem is the no one knows if its an army podiatrist I need to see or just a civvie one, what forms I need to hand in what criteria ect ect...

    Any clues, info, pointers or phone numbers are much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Wear the gaudiest footwear that fits that you can get your hands on, speak to no one, it will get fixed.
  3. See your MO and ask for a referral to podiatry.
    Most podiatry services are though local PCT.
    Wait many weeks for appointment.
    Attend appointment.
    After many weeks a letter stating that you need/don't need non standard boots will arrive
    Take letter to RHQ and get permission to buy your own for refund
    Buy boots
    Get refund
  4. And when he says "wait many weeks", he's not joking. My last operation was in July. Still waiting for an appointment. The upside is that my old style KSB's look ally; and remember, allyness saves lives kids!
  5. The referral through the MO, is it a necessary step? its not a problem but if its going through the PCT~(I assume primary care trust...) then its a civvie podiatrists note, which I can get through other channels...
    Just a question.
    Thanks for your help! much appreciated.
  6. This is rubbish - the unit RMO/CMP can complete the Annex and this is taken to the RQ/clothing store. They then use this as authority to local purchase the boots (using the unit GPC). You are entitled to 2 pairs as a regualr soldier (one if TA).

    Whole process should take less than four weeks.
  7. Sadly, yes. otherwise you are breaking the paperchain necesary for such fun. You could try going without, but you'll end up out of pocket and with no record of your foot snags on your docs.
  8. Really? Thanks; I'll try that, but I got fcuked off by my med centre, and am awaiting an NHS Podiatrist appt.
  9. The only difference is if your medical centre has a contract with a podiatrist through APHCS - if they do then you need to be specific with the podiatrist on what they Army can provide. PM me if this gets difficult.
  10. no they can't as a podiatrist, sometimes physio too/instead, is required to sort out the initial issue.
    If you actually go by the rules properly the first port of call is the QM's to check that boots are fitting properly. We all know that every clothing storeman in the army is qualified in boot fitting.... The process is flawed, but it's all we have at the moment.
  11. Another load of balderdash.................
    When did the QM suddenly become an expert (or really care) in checking that boots fit. Having done this personally five weeks ago I know the process. Now the proud owner of two pairs of LOWA.....
  12. I should have stated that custom fit boots for medical reasons need the system I described, for ones that don't fit it shouldn't take the medical centre to get involved at all as it is a requirement that the QM's provide properly fitting boots in the first place. If they have to locally purchase then so be it. you may need the MO to excuse you boots as yours don't fit. A couple of days wandering around the unit in trainers should see something happen.