Getting involved in footy


Being a new recruit I dnt expect to play football during phase 1 but does anyone know when I'll get the chance to get involved in team games? Does each regiment have a team for example, or is rugby the army game now?


Most trg units and working units had sports organised at team and individual level. There is nothing bar lack of time to stop someone with drive regardless of rank from forming a club or sports team. Most units would love in my experience the lads to have a go at organising the sports. Most sports unless the Officers were involved relied on SNCOs to organise. Getting an officer to support you for time reasons is good especially if you can represent the unit.
I shot rifle and shotgun, rode nags, swam, pulled in tug of war and did Photography all organised by sncos. The cpls then tended to be happy with organising volleyball, basketball etc.
Some people make a nice career being a regtl sportsman and good on them as long as they arent causing others more work!
If you are a good player then make yourself known to your regimental football team once you arrive at your unit, from there you can go on to play for your corps and possibly the army team.
If you let us know what regiment you hope to join then i am sure somebody will be able to provide your info.
Most garrisons have a league and so does each corps, so the opportunity is there

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