getting into work in the snow??

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by harvey12, Feb 4, 2012.

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  1. whats the armys policy on getting into work in the snow. i live about 4 miles away but the roads are icy and will be dangerous to drive?
  2. Learn how to drive properly. Or walk.
  3. Be there, or get charged, or AGAI'd, or whatever it's called nowadays.

    You're a ******* soldier! Homo.
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  4. Wind up? Or seriously dense?
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  5. How about utilising a great big **** off shovel and wrapping it around your grid.

    You ******* creature.
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  6. i just want the QR not shit lol
  7. Hang on. I'll just get the QRs out of my drinks cabinet and flick through them. You tool.
  8. In layman's terms, be on time or get AGAI'd.

    You dick.
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  9. Are you on crack?
  10. Why don't you ring the Guardroom, ask to speak to the ord officer, then ask him what he thinks on the matter.

    Then type on here exactly what he says. Go on, please. It'll make my afternoon!
  11. ******* walk you idiot or run in. 4 mile is half an hour running, about an hour walking.
  12. Or go to Halfords tomorrow and buy some snowchains. Not being prepared isn't an excuse.

    What the **** is the Army recruiting these days?
  13. Yes but at the new "centre of excellence" at Brize Norton, you are expected to cycle to work.

    What happens if your so-called mountain bike slips from under you on the ice?
  14. I had 10 days extra leave last year due to a combination of snow, my utter hatred of the army and the slack drills of the dogshit chip shop shower of shite I was working with. Me, "I won't be in tomorrow cause of the snow". Them "Er, ok...just get in when you can". Cue 10 days later "I got in when I could"

    Cheers easy.
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  15. Is this a genuine question or a fishing trip for bites? 4 miles? Sweet jesus.