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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by katwoman, Oct 8, 2009.

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  1. The other half is due to leave the RM's early next year & he has used his resettlement money on doing his CP licence.
    So many people seem to come out the forces in the hope of £4000 a month CP jobs, are there jobs actually out there? Every lead to a job seems to involve doing their own course at a price, but with no guarantee of a job at the end.
    Has anyone actually got anywhere with getting into this line of work?
  2. Same here....especially with that avatar... :D Any chance of some pics Katwoman (in the rig of course). Pretty please!
  3. kat

    I currently work in the industry, and earn in excess of the figure you have mentioned, as do the rest of the team (one of whom is ex-R.M). Some of the team have done C.P courses on re-settlement, some of us have done them in the services (RMP etc) and some have not fone them at all.

    There are different types of roles within this sector and different rotations (which will be a big factor for you as his other half) and different salary packages. It is a difficult game to get into, but when you're in it is relatively easy to move between contracts. It is a good and enjoyable sector to work in and the pay remains high in most areas.

    I can offer advice and some useful contcats shoudl you or your husband wish to P.M me, I'm out of the country myself at the moment. But if he has any preference as to which type of work he wishes to get into on the circuit I will happily point him in the right direction. All the best.

  4. Katwoman,
    I would recommend he also gets freebies through the local education centre like Prince 2. Have a look at NEBOSH certifcation also.
    In less high threat environments, Security and HSE go hand in hand more often (particularly budgetarily). If he has a qual, then he has the opportunity to jump across client side (if he is interested and risk assessments don't make him want to gouge his eyes out with a blunt rusty spoon!).

    High end CP is not finite and good companies can be hard to find, contracts do also get renewed. The increasing use of Third Country Nationals (South americans, gurkhas, ugandans etc) also starts to crimp the bottom end of the market.

    Martin7606 will also have some good advice on what to check for on contracts (Such as a K&R policy...)
  5. SBR has made a very valid point that I had overlooked re H&S qualifications, there is increasing talk on the emphasis placed on this type of qualification. It seems to be an area that is opening up and is starting to appear as a desired skill on job adverts on the circuit.

    Another area that is starting to pick up (although not yet as much as some would make out), is Maritime Security. Many are heralding this as the next big thing. At the moment courses seem to be in their infancy, I haven't heard of any well established Hostile environment style anti piracy based courses. I know of people who have enrolled on the traditional SSO (ship security officer) courses to find the content suited more towards being a security officer on a traditional vessel, including cruise liners, than to protecting vessels against armed pirates. I'm not the best qualified to comment on maritime security though, I imagine that your husband will already know a few people connected directly or indirectly to this area od operations.
  6. yeah he has got a good contact for the anti-piracy work, that has been the most promising so far. just playing the waiting game with that one at the moment. they seem to get their crew together & then look for the contract so that is definitely a possibilty.
    thanks for all your responses, big help, keep them coming!
  7. If its one of the jobs thats currently being set up via e mail with a 'wait out, client info inbound, ect' then get him to cry off now, as with the infancy of contracts in Iraq there are a lot of flyboys roping in guys for stuff that has as much chance of taking off the ground as an arm flapping Stab strapped to a washing machine.
    Stick to the reputable firms, the ones that require your chap to provide, provide and provide again info and proof of quals, service ect. I have been 'out' a couple of years so make of it what you will, a lot of the guys on the maritime circuit that are gearing up and heading out now are making a simple hop and skip from CP jobs in the current theatres.
  8. Kat

    Check your P.M's.
  9. Reni is spot on about dodgy maritime security contracts.
    I know someone who was offered such a contract on the basis that he could take his big game rifle (Rigby .416!) on board and use that to protect the ship.
    Maritime is too low margin for general shipping, the carriage of arms has insurance implications and the pirate activity will be declining until feb/mar time.

    ISPS wise, CSO or PFSO course is much better. Jardines has been churning out ex gurkhas as SSOs since the early 90s. Will mean more paperwork/reports.

    Hard reality is that his ability to do "staff work" will hold him in better stead over the long term, keep him out of higher risk environments (which you might appreciate) and give a better second career opportunity.

    Inverse law of risk vs reward does apply in commercial security day rates (Martin, Reni, please correct me if I'm off on approximate day rates):

    Armed PSD team member/leader £125-175
    Unarmed oil rig security/safety supervisor £250-325
    Unarmed country security manager £350-500
    HSE Manager £700-900 (technical/engineering back ground dependant)
  10. Sorry for jumping on this Message , I am currently trying to land my first contract out in the middle east , finding it very hard at the moment , Any advice would be great as i am starting to pull my hair out here

    I have completed my CP course (Ronin SA)
  11. Do you have actual experience though?
  12. Not Civi experience mate , but my last tour we were task as convoy protection , border patrols and BIA security too