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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by tochy01, Jan 23, 2008.

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  1. Hi all im of up to pirbright on the 28th and jst wondering if anyone knows wot kind of levels i need to be doing to get in the paras? would be gratefull if sumone knew cheers.

  2. Your spelling is far too good for a start.

    If you'd written your post in crayon, you'd be half way there.
  3. ive just done selection (and passed :D ) and a few guys wanted to join paras and they had to get 9.08 on their run or if your a strong guy and do well in the back strength test then they said you could run your mile and a half in a maximum of 9.38. hope this helps :)
  4. I was under the impression that para applicants had to pass the 1.5 miles under 9:30 mins, has this changed? Only ask as I'm in recruiting, and would like to know I am giving out correct info.
  5. cheers i did my pre fitness in 8 min 39 and can do 10 heaves so hope that will get me in coz i really want it im getting on now being 25 lol.
  6. lol. that is what the instructer said although to be honest he could possibley have been talking to the juniors on the course. weather this makes a difference all not im not really sure. :?
  7. lol

    I'm 25 a week on sunday and I'm thinking about trying out for the paras. I'll probably be 26 at this rate before i join though

    Btw- whats a 'heave'
  8. Young_lofty
    Out of Recruiting now but the PSO's were looking for 9.40 (changed from 9.18) about 18 months ago. The best thing to do is phone the PSO's up or even go down to your ADSC and spend the day there. I found this invaluable and went on a couple of occassions to get to know what the individual PSOs were looking for and to know the standards they want to see rather than the glossy figures on the websites.

    Tochy01 you should be getting information like this from your Recruiter, I cant believe that you would of passed your Recruiter/Senior Recruiters interviews without them telling you the basics like this. If you dont know or understand something ask them questions, thats why they are there.
  9. if it all goes to plan I'll be on a train in 26 hours on my way to a insight course weekend
  10. 25!!!! You spell like my four year old.

    Honestly, go for it, but have a fall back plan just in case.
  11. Hey hopeing to join the paras can anyone tell me about the selcetion process i here its a two week process is this true? also the strength tests on ur back are they hard? what do you have to get ? im ok on fitness is it upper or lower back? thanks
  12. I thought you have applied once before? Just do what you did before.
  13. Have you booked yourself onto one of the PARA insight weekends. You will get all the info you want there.