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hi all,

i have been wanting to join the army since i was a kid. my family have all been in the navy but i wouldnt look good in flares..i was going to do it when i was 17 but i became a father and a statistic of teenage pregnancy etc

now im nearly 19 and have applied for the infantry...however i started training a month ago and got my run time down from 18 mins (i know its pretty damn shocking) down to 12.30.

i have an interview with a careers advisor tommorow afternoon, over the phone he said a run time of 12.45 will get you through selection. however work colleagues who served in the army for 17 years or so say a run time of 10.30 is required. can someone please clarify whether this is the standard required when you start your basic or is the recruiter lying about the selection pass time?

any comments both helpful and sarcastic are welcome

The input standard (i.e., to pass ADSC and start training) is 12:45.

The output standard (i.e., the level you have to be at when you finish Phase 1) is 10:30.

Obviously, lower times in both cases are better, but there's always a bit of a wait between passing ADSC and starting Ph 1 so there's scope to reduce your time further before you start.

In all honesty, from my experience of Ph1 (regular and TA), I'd be aiming for 10:30 at the start of phase 1 - and I'm a signaller. For Inf, even lower.

That's not at all the same as saying you shouldn't go forward for selection - just be aware that the selection pass standard is a fairly poor reflection of what's actually expected of you.
thanks for the reply's guys much appreciated. a mate of mines a personal trainer and hes the main reason my time has reduced so well. ill continue to train and hopefully get down to the 10.30 mark some time in the next couple of months.

cheers again fellas
remember theres a 1 mile squadded run beforehand with no rest in between (i believe) so dont just work on running 1.5 miles
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