Getting IEng with EC(UK) - What do they ask in the interview

Papping myself. I have my interview coming up soon to get my IEng status but I havent got a clue what to expect. Anybody have a clue about what goes on in the interview?

Cheers :)

ps: Why is it that the REME shout out about us striving for accreditation and about it being a requirement for a Tiffy etc......but then say no to paying for it for us? Cant be much of a requirement can it :( ?????? Yep, I know it will benefit me in the long run but it just bugs me that they try to say it is essential etc.... but do nothing to help us out. It aint that cheap you know. Sorry, whinging again :) Back to the interview......
Good Luck with the interview. You will no doubt have numerous views on how we all did it and what we were asked. be yourself and enjoy it. If you can find common ground and satisfy the old blokes and make them feel great you will easily pass. oh and the rollocks about DES, yeah its shite and they want this and want that but F^$^ em. do it for yourself
You will usually find that the very first question you are asked is along the lines of:

"What engineering theory and principles do you use in your everday role?", this can initially seem quite daunting, but have a good think about an answer to this.

The best preparation that you can do is print off the IEng requirements sheet on the ECUK website, then go through each one and attempt to identify a suitable example from your recent work that will prove your competance in that particular area. This is quite a time consumming process, but it is very good pre-interview preperation and will definately assist you in answering their questions.

Next, have a typed copy of your development plan with you that you can give to them.

Finally, relax and try not to worry too much. By successfully attaining Artificer status you have all the required attributes to gain IEng you just need to conduct the preperation to prove that to the panel on the day. You may find that at the end of the interview (about 40 mins), even though they cannot tell you their recommendation, they will leave you in know doubt if you have performed well :wink:

Good luck.
My recent PRI was based entirely on the cross matching sheet I filled in. The areas where there seemed to not be enough detail were the areas I was interviewed on. The interviewers were great and teased all the answers from me. It was very relaxed which was good as I also was papping it before I went in.

As for the cost, contact your tax man and you will get something done to your tax code to compensate you.

PM me for details if required.
I did hear that there are two locations in the south for these interviews, One in London and the other in Southampton. The London one is a grilling whereas the Southampton one is ok. Anyone else heard this? Got mine to do at some stage as well.
Yeah, I know of a guy who was grilled by some of the southern interviewers, not sure where tho'. I had mine up north.


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Finally got round to sorting my life out and submitting all the paperwork for IEng with the IET.

Interview tomorrow. I think I've got everything covered but I'm bricking it slightly.

Any top tips?
Well done.

Just going through the paperwork required for mine. The good news now is that you can now claim back the annual membership fees, something like your standard learning credits.


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Well done.

Just going through the paperwork required for mine. The good news now is that you can now claim back the annual membership fees, something like your standard learning credits.
I already claim mine through my civvy job, but that's certainly worth keeping in mind.


Paperwork was the hardest bit, interview was a breeze.

Good luck, I'm sure you'll smash it.
@Ravers Well done

@wafubustard if you haven't done so get in touch with a professional registration advisor, they are volunteers (certainly with the IET, not sure about the IMechE etc) who will make sure your application is in order and can answer any questions you have about the whole process. As Ravers stated as long as your paperwork is in order, the interview is easy, if areas of competence appear to be weak (you can download the standard from the Engineering Council Website) you will be questioned about those areas in the interview.

I am a PRA with the IET but you probably want somebody in a closer timezone than me...
A view from the other side which hopefully helps. I used to sit on Chartered professional recview panels for IMechE. I didn't do Eng Tech, but the principals are the same.

The panel wants to pass you; the professional bodies want and need members otherwise they are not viable. They aren't there to test you; it is a review to make sure that you have the knowledge and experience to satisfy the criteria set by the Engineering Council.

So they will essentially do two things; validate what you have said in your submission and explore any areas where it doesn't demonstrate compliance with the criteria. They aren't there to examine your knowledge of engineering and often aren't competent to do so because their experience is in very different fields to the candidates.

In a dozen panels, I'd guess I saw less than 10% fail. And those that did were a mile off acceptance because they didn't meet then criteria.
I did the C.Eng interview many years back and have mentored several engineers and techs since then. Ensure you are prepared to answer questions relating to the work that you've mentioned in your documentation.

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