Getting home on a night out

Paddy and Mick were very drunk after a night on the town and found they had no money for a cab home. They staggered along for a bit and found themselves outside the bus depot.
Paddy said, "Mick, you nip inside and nick a bus and we'll drive it home - it's too far to walk. I'll stay here and keep a lookout."
Mick disappears into the depot and Paddy waits..and waits...and eventually he gets fed up and goes into the building to see what's taking so long. He finds Mick dashing about from bus to bus in a terrible fluster.
"What the hell's the matter?" asks Paddy.
"I can't find a no27!" Mick cries.
"Oh you bloody eejit," mutters Paddy. "Just take a 42 and we'll walk from the roundabout!"

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