Getting hold of your old RMAS reports

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Bromhead, Dec 18, 2006.

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  1. I've recently been informed that it is now possible to get hold of a copy of your file from Sandhurst. I was always under the impression that this info was privy only to those that went back as DS.

    Obviously i'd love to know just how badly thought of I was when i was there (i'll settle for top of the middle third), does anyone know who you need to contact in order to get a copy of your file?
  2. I'm not old in the tooth enough to get too nostalgic about Sandhurst, but I'd also find it interesting to read how I made the transition from character deficient, fruit suit wearing log-carrier to morally upright, sword carrying future officer.

    I've heard that the OCAC is obliged to provide copies of your docs under FoI. Although whether Rowco comes under the act, I'm not sure. After all we werespecial forces. :D

    Officer Cadet Administration Centre
    Academy HQ
    GU15 4PQ
    Tel: +44 (0) 1276 412556

    Other than that I expect Barbs may have a more authoritative answer.

  3. Many thanks, i look forward with baited breath to seeing just how badly i fared on that first suit inspection.....
  4. RowCo special forces? No, not special, just different...
  5. I tried to get my RowCo file and journal from OCAC, but they'd destroyed it. A pity.
  6. In the interests of national security presumably??
  7. No, I think it's because my journal was the single most depressing document that ever existed. To be expected, what with the myriad range of character defects I was sent to RowCo to have ironed out......
  8. I've got my journal (always had it). Every now and again, as I think back with fond memories, I remember how utterly dejected I felt! ho ho :D :D

  9. I doubt if my RoCo DS could write. He could run fcuking fast though! Top bloke. RIP
  10. Bit repetitive tough:

    Day 1: Gym, beasting
    Day 2: Barossa, beasting
    Day 3: Assault course, beasting
    Day 4: Oman Hall, minor team games, beasting

    Continue ad nauseam for next 12 weeks....