Getting Hold of P60 Info

Hi all,

Long story short my wife has enrolled herself in Open Uni for an October start, but spent so long umm'ing and aah'ing that she's left me with two weeks to submit our claim for financial help towards the costs of it. Next week I'm on exercise, so can't do anything then, and since I'm the earner at the moment it's my pay info they need.

Went into the clerk's office today to find out a way I could get access to my P60 info for the '12-'13 tax year, as I've not gotten it through in the post yet, to which he said there's no way other than the actual physical slip itself.

Since a few things I've been told by this particular clerk have turned out to be wrong I thought I'd just double check on here if anyone knows of any ways of getting the information?

Cheers in advance!
Cancel my last, ArmyNet saves the day.

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