Getting hold of Mess Entertainment secs

I'm sorry if this is the wrong place for this, MODs please move if you think so. I know an Australian singer who is over here at the moment and I think is great (his singing's not bad either..). How would he (or I, if needs be) get hold of Mess Ent Secs in a reasonable quick and efficient manner with a view to him performing at functions?

Would it just be a question of sitting on the phone and looking them up in the Yellow pages or is there an easier way than that? Any suggestions gratefully received.

He's called Rory Ellis btw,
He has pretty much missed the boat for the summer ball season as most messes will have the ents sorted by now.

Most messes get bombarded with fliers from companies who manage a load of ents type acts.

He would do just as well by making up some flyers and sending them to messes care of the Ents member.

However, most messes have a lull after the summer parties until Xmas so trade could be light.

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