getting hold of foreign wings

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by stew, Aug 4, 2005.

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  1. Just qualified to wear american wings. Was wondering where the best place to get my grubby hands on some extra pairs as we were only given the standard silver pair. Particularly interested in the desert type. Have tried ebay but that only threw up the odd metal pair. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Plus if any readers have any spair sets would recommend getting them on ebay as quite a few of us qualified on the trip so there should be lots of people looking for spair sets.
  2. are foreign wings what you get you get when you shag a foreigner?? like brown wings and stuff like that.
  3. Ask where you qualified - they probably sell them
  4. Duboras in aldershot have wings a plenty bit pricey but lots of clobber do a Google for them.
  5. Probably a bone question but if you qualify for foreign wings, are you allowed to wear them in the UK military?
  6. Yeah normally one set. They are worn on the Right breast (hehehe I said Breast) above the Pocket of your smock.
  7. Rgr that but surely, and maybe this is me being rational, a jump is a jump no matter what country you are in and it gets dark in all countries surely? Does that mean if I go to Iceland (the country, not the shop) and jump during their summer when it doesn't get dark, does that qualify as a night jump?? What is essentially the difference apart from method of exit from an a/c? And if they are different, what is the hardest course and (wait for it) what is the easiest?
  8. I was asked by a young lady if Id like to join RedWings, imagine my suprise and utter disappointment when I went along and discovered that it was a horse sanctuary!!

    talk about misleading.
  9. Apparently, Brownwings is a bear sanctuary.

    Not really.
  10. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Chaps, et al, I'm in the BX at Rhine Main on Friday - if you need anything PM me soonest.
  11. thanks for all the help but managed to get some squared away. To the question about qualifying for them it appears that it depends on rank. As usual as the colonel was mysteriously absent from what is now known as the jump of death that created an injury rate of 50% yet he was still awarded his wings.
    Thanks again to every one who offered help
  12. If you ever have the oppurtunity/are offered a place on a Jumps course with either the BDF (Botswana) /Malasian/ Kenyan forces think twice!, there is a suttle difference in that they use the old kit from USA/British normally modified by Mama and Papa San in some back street sweat shop (that includes the airframe!) many of there parachutes/systems were written off for a reason and this leads to many IA drills not covered on BPC, this includes the slowly tearing T 10 canopy for any overweight blokes!!, not for the faint hearted!

    Whilst on the subject of foreign jumpers does anyone recall the Kenyan exchange bloke who went through the sunroof of a taxi on Queens Ave circa 86?